LAMY Pen Ranges

LAMY safari from £10.90

The Lamy Safari is one of the most popular pens of all time, famed for its comfortable ergonomic grip, affordability, reliability and Bauhaus styling. Originally launched in 1980 as a children&rsquosemicolons handwriting pen and recommended by schools, the Safari is now enjoyed by all. Made from sturdy ABS plastic, it is available in bright colours and fashionable limited editions (which become collector&rsquosemicolons items). The fountain pen has an inexpensive easy change nib, from extra fine to broad and left handed.

LAMY AL-star from £16.12

The LAMY AL-star has the same ergonomic design of the brand’s bestselling safari, but with a lightweight aluminium body. This gives the AL-star the advantage of being engraveable, a handy way of preventing the pen from being misplaced (especially if being used at school). The fountain pen has an inexpensive easy change nib, from extra fine to broad, left handed and beginners. It can also be fitted with a LAMY converter for use with bottled ink. Look out for limited edition colours, soon to become collector’s items.

LAMY Lx from £27.00

The LAMY Lx range was introduced in late 2016 as a “suped up” version of the popular AL-star fountain pen. Extra features include beautiful metallic finishes such as rose gold, matching trim and carry case, as well as a glossy black steel nib. The ergonomic grip encourages proper finger making this a stylish and comfortable fountain pen to use.

LAMY studio from £49.00

The LAMY studio belongs to their premium collection, with a satisfying weight and subtle artistic touches such as the propeller-shaped clip. Winner of the Good Design Award 2005 and iF Design Award two years running, the studio typifies Bauhaus design, with form following function. Choose from their perennial finishes; stainless steel, blue and black, and limited edition colours. The fountain pen takes their inexpensive easy change nib which can be purchased from extra fine to broad.

LAMY 2000 from £49.00

The 2000 is the Archetypal LAMY Pen, conceived in 1966 by Gerd A. Müller, and to this day unchanged from his original design. The innovative fibreglass body keeps down weight and is finished with a sleek brushed texture (impossible to see the joins), while the tapered profile produces an exceptionally comfortable feel. Famous advocates include author Neil Gaiman, who describes his own 2000 as his 'novel writing pen'. The fountain pen features 14k gold nib and inbuilt piston filling system.

LAMY logo from £11.26

The LAMY logo is characterised by crisp clean lines and a practical ridged grip for added control. It is available in all writing types including a multifunction pen with red, blue and black ink. The fountain pen is fitted with LAMY's signature easy-change nib with plenty of choice in nib size from extra fine to broad, beginners and left handed.

LAMY scala from £58.50

Forming part of their premium collection, the LAMY scala has a fantastic weight that feels great in the hand. Boasting contemporary angular lines, and designed by German homeware company Sieger design, LAMY themselves say that “Material excess makes way for perfectly executed technical details". We stock the scala in all writing types including propelling pencil with 0.7mm lead, and fountain pen with nib sizes from extra fine to broad.

LAMY aion from £35.56

The latest addition to their family, the aion feels like classic LAMY with its seamless lines (designed by Jasper Morrison, British furniture designer). The body of each pen is made from one piece of aluminium, finished with a two toned effect of brushed and blasted sections. Of particular note is the newly curved nib available from extra fine to broad. Comes with a spring loaded clip, and a choice of matt black and olive silver finishes.

Lamy accent from £49.50

The LAMY accent is a modern, solidly built pen with stylish and practical features. The spring mounted clip holds fast to your shirt pocket, whilst the cap locks in place on the back of your pen when posted and screws shut when not in use. The standout design feature is the accented grip which comes in various wood finishes and lacquered patterns. All fountain pens come with a converter, and look out for those with a 14ct bi-colour gold nib.

LAMY dialog from £238.50

The LAMY dialog is a rare commodity, a fountain pen that doesn’t need a cap and won’t dry out. It uses a twist mechanism to pop the nib in and out of an airtight chamber, and a ball valve protects the nib from dirt and drying out when closed. The 14k gold nib ensures the dialog also writes superbly. Also available as a ballpoint pen with an eye catching triangular body, and an attractive brushed titanium finish.

LAMY imporium from £240.00

Curved lines combine effortlessly with deep grooves of the barrel, forming one of LAMY’s most distinctive writing instruments. A spring loaded clip, excellent weight and ribbed grip section offer praciticality typical of the brand's Bauhaus approach to design. The fountain pen has a bi-colour 14k gold nib, the pencil takes 0.7mm leads, and the rollerball and ballpoint pen come with black ink. All imporium pens are presented in a large deluxe LAMY gift box.

LAMY swift from £27.90

The LAMY swift is a rollerball that dispenses with the need for a cap, offering the smooth ink flow of a roller with the convenience of a ballpoint. A click mechanism reveals the writing tip, which in turn retracts the clip for greater writing comfort by becoming flush against the barrel. When the rollerball is retracted, the clip is raised so the pen can be clipped onto a jacket pocket. A long barrel means a good number of characters can be engraved (40). Takes LAMY M66 rollerball refills.

LAMY tipo from £7.90

The LAMY tipo has a smooth flowing rollerball with the convenience of a ballpoint pen. Most rollerball pens require a cap to prevent the liquid ink drying out; but the LAMY tipo has been engineered with anti-dry ink, removing the cap and switching instead to an ingenious clip activated mechanism. Push the clip down to extend the writing point; push the clip top to retract the tip. Made of anodised aluminium, the tipo is lightweight and rugged. Finished with a ridged grip section for greater writing comfort.

LAMY pico from £32.50

The pico is a great example of LAMY innovation. When not in use it collapses down to a compact 9cm, and with the aid of a push mechanism extends to 12cm so that it fits comfortably in your hand. Winner of a ‘Red Dot’ award for design, it is a good fun desktop accessory or handy travel companion. The pico takes LAMY M22 compact ballpoint refills.

LAMY nexx from £15.22

Comfortable, quirky and perfectly practical. The nexx is LAMY's solution to the problem of hand fatigue when writing for long periods. The rubber grip is ridged to encourage proper finger placement, and the squat profile is designed to sit effortlessly in the hand. Made from lightweight aluminium and featuring a cheerily-coloured cap, this fountain pen's the perfect combination of functionality and fun.

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