Ultimately Illuminating

Ultimately Illuminating

Ultimately Illuminating

It’s been a tough year and even though there is light at the end of the tunnel, the journey isn’t over yet. Full of confidence and optimism for the future, the emphasis for Spring/Summer 2021 is an immersive venture into a world of light and vibrant colours.

We’ve highlighted some of the key colour trends that will work from boardroom to board walk, and bring not only your wardrobe, but also your stationery collection to life.

Illuminating & Ultimate Gray

A bold statement of glowing yellow and delicate silvery grey, the Pantone Institute’s two Colours of the Year for 2021 are paired to be reliable yet invigorating, reassuring and yet also energising. A combo of colours to bring hope for the year ahead.

Quote from Pantone Color Institute about the 2021 colours of the year

Mood board showing Pantone colours Illuminating and Ultimate Grey with matching products

Our Picks:

  1. LAMY safari Yellow Pencil
  1. Cross Bailey Light Glossy Grey Fountain Pen
  1. Parker Jotter Original Yellow Ballpoint Pen
  1. Kaweco Perkeo Light Spring Fountain Pen

Playful Pastels

Dreamy, creamy ice-cream shades are perfect for bringing a delicate burst of colour to your daily routine. From pretty pink hues, to tranquil lilac, pistachio, or even mint, any pastel will work. Match pale greens with soft purples for a striking and lively look, perfectly on trend for 2021.

Mood board showing Pantone colours Purple Rose and Beach Glass with matching products

Our picks:

  1. Kaweco Collection Sport Light Lavender Fountain Pen
  1. Waterman Allure Pastel Green Ballpoint Pen
  1. Laurige 712 Leather 1 Pen Case - Pastel Lilac
  1. Sailor Pro Gear Slim Fairy Tale Dragon Palace Ballpoint Pen

Beguiling Blues

A classic colour, Blue makes it into the fashion shows almost every year. However Spring/Summer 2021 sees vibrant mid-blues and turquoise hues with inspiration taken directly from nature.

Mood board showing Pantone colours Blue Atoll and Indigo Bunting with matching products

Our picks:

  1. Kaweco Frosted Sport Light Blueberry Push Pencil
  1. Visconti Van Gogh Wheatfield Fountain Pen
  1. Waterman Hemisphere Cote Azure Fountain Pen
  1. Pilot FriXion LX Erasable Ballpoint Pen - Blue