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  • Pens for New Writers

    The new school year is just around the corner and we’re sure you’re thinking about the important back to school stationery collection, excitedly wondering about new classes and perhaps worrying about your (*cough*… appalling) handwriting. Handwriting
    is so important, yet many people struggle. Problems ranging from poor finger placement and incorrect writing angle to serious medical issues can hinder writing ability. Whether you’re picking up your first pen in a while or buying a pen for…
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  • Writing for mindfulness

    We love to celebrate the art of all things handwritten at Pen Heaven and have discovered that there is no better way to reconnect with your inner wisdom than through jotting down your thoughts and journaling. When it comes to stress relief and mental clarity,
    writing and mindfulness go hand in hand – both present the opportunity to clear the mind of thoughts and worries. Mindfulness is a very simple form of meditation that has seen a surge of popularity in the past few years. It refers to a state…
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  • Notes on Great Note-Taking

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    Note taking is a vital life skill most of use throughout our lives, from school to university and work. Perhaps you have fond memories of brightly coloured highlighters, or not so fond ones of scribbling the few discernible words you could gather from your
    professor. Either way, notes are an essential tool in helping us make sense of the information we are presented with, which we can then remember at a later date. Good notes make utter sense when you return to them, with enough impact to be memorable.…
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  • Pen Heaven’s Handwriting Matters survey: The results revealed

    As part of the Handwriting Matters campaign to highlight the importance of putting pen to paper, Pen Heaven has quizzed 400 people in the UK about their handwriting habits. With so many gadgets making it possible to make notes or send messages without
    ever picking up a pen or pencil, there is a risk that people’s handwriting skills may be becoming a little rusty. Key Findings "Almost one in three people think their handwriting is terrible or needs improvement." "Men think their handwriting is…
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  • Pen Heaven launches Handwriting Matters campaign

    Putting pen to paper is a personal act thought to boost both creativity and memory. But with so many people choosing to use electronic devices to take notes and send messages, it seems writing by hand is at risk of becoming extinct. This is why Pen Heaven
    is launching a new campaign called "Handwriting Matters", calling on people to take a moment to put away their smartphone, laptop or tablet and write by hand instead. Here at Pen Heaven, we believe there is nothing more wonderful than using a pen…
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  • Fountain Pens: Teachers Take the #BackToBasics Challenge

    Here at Pen Heaven, we’ve always believed there’s no such thing as too many pens. Our own stationery drawer is packed full of endless variations on ballpoints, rollerballs, pencils and fountain pens, ink types galore, more refill systems than you
    can shake a BIC at and that’s before we even get started on multifunctions. But it wasn’t so long ago that fountain pens were the be-all and end-all. So we asked the question: can you go back to basics and stick to just one fountain pen for a…
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  • Success Story: The Lamy Safari Fountain Pen

    Here’s a little insider information for you: in the case of almost every pen range on sale at Pen Heaven, ballpoints outsell fountain pens by a ratio of around 2/1 - with one exception. Despite being a tad more expensive than the ballpoint and requiring
    a little more maintenance, the Lamy Safari fountain pen has managed to buck that trend. But just why has it been successful? We did a little digging and this is what we found… Back To School! A lot of schools insist on fountain pens because…
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  • Infodoodle for National Doodle Day

    Tomorrow is National Doodle Day, a fun day aiming to raise awareness for those that live with epilepsy in the UK. In order to show our support for National Doodle Day, we at Pen Heaven (suppliers of fountain, ballpoint and rollerball pens) have put together our
    own little infodoodle to provide you with a little more information about epilepsy and the day. We’ll be taking some time out of our day tomorrow to have a doodle and think you should too! To get involved, please visit: …
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  • Why is handwriting still important in the digital age?

    It’s no surprise that as technology has become increasingly integrated into our daily lives the traditional act of writing with a pen has been somewhat forgotten. The ease of word processing documents, as well as the development of applications that
    allow us to sync our notes across multiple devices, has made the purpose of handwriting almost redundant However, the act of writing should not be forgotten and aside from its charm for certain tasks it still has much more utility than it is often…
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  • Winners of the Pen A Story announced.

    Pen Heaven is proud to announce that the winner of the Pen A Story competition was Luke Cavanaugh. Luke receives a personalised Lamy Studio fountain pen and a Da Vinci journal, which we are confident he will put to good use furthering his extraordinary writing
    talent. Congratulations Luke, we're all waiting impatiently to read your first novel! Luke's winning story: I picked up the pen and remembered what the old man who gave it to me had said: Whatever you write will come true, so use this pen carefully.…
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