Best Budget Buys

Best Budget Buys

Best Budget Buys

A good pen shouldn’t have to break the bank. Whether your bank account is looking sparse after the festive season or you’re saving up for something big, being on a budget doesn’t mean you should miss out on some top quality stationery.

When you’re searching for a pen that writes well, you’ll want to be looking for a number of things.

There’s the smoothness of the writing; be it from nib or tip, you’ll want a clean, consistent line of ink flowing from your pen.

There’s the craftsmanship of both the pen and any mechanism inside; you’ll want this pen to last for many years to come.

And you’ll want your writing instrument to be a joy to use every day.

A picture of our favourite budget pens with superior writing quality

Many times pens are made more expensive by the materials they are made from. Unusual and rare materials, like precious metals or wood, are used to craft the barrel and cap sections. Sometimes gemstones are embedded into the pen itself. These may make the writing instrument look impressive, but ultimately they do not affect the writing itself.

We’ve compiled a list of go-to writing instruments where their budget price certainly hasn’t compromised on the craftsmanship. All under £30, but all write like they cost hundreds.

Fountain Pens

  1. LAMY safari 2022 Special Edition Strawberry Fountain Pen

A perennial favourite and recommended by schools for new writers, this cracker of a fountain pen is known as the writers pen, as it’s lightweight, durable and great for writing at length. Lamy pride themselves on their nibs and for good reason; they’re cheap, easy to interchange and oh so smooth. Available in a variety of nib sizes, but some cost a little more

  1. TWSBI GO Clear Fountain Pen

TWSBI have thought of everything when it comes to this pen. A unique mechanism enables quick and easy filling with the push of the spring loaded piston, while the transparent demonstrator style body enables you to see remaining ink levels. You get a pen that can’t roll of the table, that’s lightweight, durable and provides a smooth writing experience. Plus, you can fully take this pen apart for a thorough cleaning. That’s what we call budget friendly.

  1. Platinum Plaisir Fountain Pen - Nova Orange

This pen may be from a little known brand, but you couldn’t ask for a better fountain pen. The nibs are smooth and precise, the barrel is lightweight, durable, aluminium and the clear grip section allows you to see any blockages or if your ink is running low. Plus the ‘slip and seal’ cap creates a seal around the nib once closed, helping prevent both the ink drying out or leaking everywhere. Grab this pen with engraving and gift wrap all for under £20! Now that’s a bargain!

  1. Kaweco Perkeo Peony Blossom Fountain Pen

A fountain pen all about being fun and funky! Kaweco have set their renowned nibs into this colourful and contemporary body and we couldn’t be happier. Using the same nibs as they fit in their much more expensive pens, you’ll be stunned at the smooth quality and the steady ink flow.

Rollerball Pens

  1. Cross Edge Metallic Blue Rollerball Pen

Cross have produced an exceptionally smooth gel ink rollerball refill (and surpasses all others, if the love of these pens in our office is anything to go by). The Edge’s unique slide-open technology lets you unleash your creativity single-handedly, then clicks to close. A must have for anyone.

Ballpoint Pens

  1. Classic Matt Black Fisher Space Bullet Pen
    70% of 100

With a unique pressurised refill which enables smooth, consistent writing even in the most unforgiving environments and on the most awkward of surfaces (think outer space, think upside down, think wet or greasy paper), you’ll find you carry this pen everywhere you go. Pocket sized when not in use and full length when posted, it’s ideal for your bag, for travel or just at the office.

Mechanical Pencils

It is hard to believe that this mechanical pencil has as many features as a pen twice its price, but it does. A sturdy metal construction ensures this pencil will last a lifetime; the knurled grip helps with control; the elongated lead sleeve enables a better view of your work and retracts to prevent breakages when not in use; the list goes on… A bargain on any budget!