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Why I Write

Why I Write

Why I Write

Writing is a very personal thing. Whether you write professionally, or as a hobby or just once in a blue moon. Whether you write to find some sanity in a hectic world, to organise, or to communicate with your loved ones. Whether you love or hate your handwriting. Whether you have a favourite pen, a favourite ink colour, a favourite journal, or a favourite spot to set pen to paper and write. It’s all unique to you.

Why I Write: Writing in the Park

Every October 20th, the National Day of Writing celebrates the joys of writing in every form and encourages more people to take some time out of their busy lives to write. To help inspire you we’ve asked some bloggers why they write…

John Adams – Dad Blog UK

Why I Write: John Adams - Dad Blog UK

John is a stay at home dad who uses writing to keep his intellect and sanity alive in a world of school runs and noisy play dates. He writes to speak with like minded people and share his views on gender roles, equality and stereotyping.

"I write because I love communicating. I like to create debate and to discuss and explore new ideas. I will write my ideas down and publish them either on my blog or somewhere else and see how people respond. The first step is to write them down.

I am a modern writer. I do love the word processor and consider it a vital tool. That said, I always travel with a pen and a notebook. My ideas often get written down in a notebook before I sit down in front of a computer to expand on them and publish them. As a journalist, I used to rely on poor-quality biros and spiral notepads. As I've grown older, I've come to appreciate a high-quality notebook and pen. Combined with a good computer, you can take on the world!"

Laura Pearson-Smith – A Life with Frills

Why I Write: Handwritten Letters

Laura is a blogger who loves fashion, beauty and travel. She guides her readers with the most up to date trends and style commentary. Laura loves to writes to stay in touch, believing the personal nature of a handwritten letter beats an email any day.

"Nothing beats a handwritten card or letter - receiving or sending. When I put pen to paper for someone, I feel a real connection to them as I’m writing. That card or letter is going hand to hand. It’s so much more personal that an email, text or Tweet. It shows you’ve sat down and thought about them and not just fired off some words on a keyboard."

Aby Moore – You Baby Me Mummy

Why I Write: Aby Moore – You Baby Me Mummy

Aby is a mummy blogger who dotes on her 4 year old daughter Ava. She uses her writing and her blog to keep a record of all the craziness and events of family life, ensuring Ava has something to look back on when she grows up.

"I started to write my blog as a way to make something more concrete out of our memories. While most of that is done tapping away on my keyboard I'm ALWAYS surrounded by lovely notebooks and diaries and I have an obsession with actually writing in notebooks. There is nothing like putting pen to paper, whether that is writing to a friend or simply writing your daily to do list, you can't beat it!"

Rebecca Urie – All About U

Why I Write: Rebecca Urie - All About U

Rebecca is a mum of two and a lifestyle blogger. She blogs about her life and experiences, and provides hints and tips for a more simple family life! Rebecca writes to keep track of what is going on in her life and to destress.

"I write as a way to document life (and let's face it, it is pretty cathartic to do so too). Whether it is to mark my children's milestones, how am feeling, or what we have been doing, I hope that it is something that will be of value to my children and I in later years."