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Anywhere, Anytime: 5 Freelancer Essentials

Anywhere, Anytime: 5 Freelancer Essentials

Anywhere, Anytime: 5 Freelancer Essentials

There are around 5 million freelancers in the UK, meaning that more than 15% of us are now self-employed. As any freelancer knows, taking control of your own business can be both liberating and terrifying, so it’s worth putting together a tool-kit that makes you feel productive, prepared, and ready to tackle each day.

When you’re the face of your own operation, you might naturally find yourself paying more attention to your “personal brand”. From your clothes, to your workspace, to your stationery, what you choose to use says a lot about the product that you’re trying to sell.

While working in your pyjamas is definitely a freelance lifestyle perk, it’s unlikely to cut it for that important client meeting. Finding a distinctive look that works for you - complete with well cared for and memorable accessories - is a great way to convey a sense of quality and reliability.

One challenge that many freelancers face is motivating themselves to simply ‘sit down and get on with it’. When you’re not accountable to anyone but yourself, if can be a little bit too easy to spend a couple of hours on Facebook, rather than finishing up that project plan. If that’s the case, investing in a few choice pieces of beautiful stationary might be the motivation you need to close your laptop, clear your desk, and really get down to producing work you can be proud of.

Freelancers working at a cafe

When you are out and about, either at a cute coffee shop, a cool coworking space, or in a client’s office, stylish stationery can act as an excellent conversation starter. It’s also much easier to keep track of your distinctive or personalised pen when in a shared environment. All in all, it’s time for freelancers to ditch the plastic biros, and invest in functional, beautiful keepsakes that will remind you every day of the work that you’re putting into yourself.

Prep for your first day

with a Caran d’Ache 849 Limited Edition ‘Claim Your Style’ Ballpoint Pen

Group shot of the Caran d'Ache 849 Limited Edition Claim Your Style Ballpoint Pens

It’s finally happening - you’re off on your own! Once you’ve chosen your company name, make it permanent with an engraved pen, or simply add your own initials. Slimline and lightweight, this sleek, modern design will remind you who’s the boss (spoiler: it’s you).

Be ready for anything

with the Fisher Space Bullet Pen

Whether you’re a graphic designer or an intern for NASA, this pen is the ultimate sidekick. Its unique pressurised chamber means it can distribute ink smoothly on almost any surface. Plus, it’s super sleek, and comes in a range of colours.

Fisher Space Bullet Pen

Get official

with the TWSBI GO Fountain Pen

TWSBI GO Fountain Pen

Sure, ‘lanyard’ isn’t the sexiest word in the English language, but think about the doors they open! Accessorise your pass with this easily-attachable, ultra-affordable fountain pen. It opens up for quick and easy filling and cleaning and comes with a lifetime manufacturer warranty. Your signature, please...

Plan your day

with the Filofax Lockwood Personal Zip Organiser

Freelancers have to be boss, employee and the PA...with three schedules in one. Keep your team of one organised with this multi-use planner, which contains a diary, notebook and wallet, with options for any other insert you might need. It’s smart, professional, and will last for years.

filofax lockwood personal organiser

Brainstorm like a pro

with the Moleskine Smart Writing Set

Business graphs drawn using the Molsekine Smart Writing Set

If freelancing is the work of the future, you need the space age kit that will get you there. This set is the perfect way to digitally keep track of your doodles, without throwing away your notebooks (or losing the pleasure of handwriting). Jot in a specially designed notebook and your scribbles will automatically be uploaded to your devices, ready to send straight to happy clients!