DesignC: Celebrating a Centenary of Craftsmanship

DesignC: Celebrating a Centenary of Craftsmanship

DesignC: Celebrating a Centenary of Craftsmanship

With 100 years of rich history and tradition to draw upon, Otto Hutt was always going to have to find a way to celebrate their centenary in style. Having earned a reputation for combining bold stylistic decisions with precise German functionality, the company felt they had to really make a statement – to carve out their place in the world and proudly plant the Otto Hutt flag in the soil.

To appropriately mark this momentous occasion, the company are “taking a look into the past, the present and the far future of our brand”, writes managing director Marco Frei. Can this be done, we hear you ask? Is it possible to take a century of innovation and craftsmanship, roll it all up and distil it down into one singular, spectacular design?

Otto Hutt designC Fountain Pen

Designer Mark Braun Well, with the release of the outstanding new designC, that’s exactly what they’ve done. Otto Hutt began by enlisting world-renowned designer Mark Braun to head up the project. It is no coincidence that Braun’s work, similar to that of company founder Karl Hutt, draws inspiration from the Bauhaus era of German design, while also branching out with bold contemporary style. At first glance his designs are minimalist and modest; practical objects designed to serve their intended purpose without clutter or embellishment. At the same time, however, they bear his unique fingerprint in the finer details, seamlessly incorporating twists and tweaks which flaunt his inimitable character and charm.

The first and most immediately striking stylistic decision of the designC is the absence of a clip. Instead, the cylindrical sterling silver barrel is adorned with two-18 karat gold indices; small decorative stabilisers which ensure the pen sits comfortably and proudly upon a table-top without rolling away. The nib too is made from a fine strip of 18-karat gold, and every pen is finished and then tested by hand before boxing to ensure it meets Otto Hutt’s uncompromising standards. Each pen is a unique creation with its very own bespoke character – you’ll be hard pushed to find another pen that shows off quite so much attention to detail!

Diagram showing the inner working of Otto Hutt's new Pull+Twist™ filling mechanism

Showing how to work the new Pull+Twist™ filling mechanism Perhaps most interestingly of all, the designC also marks the debut of Otto Hutt’s new patent-pending Pull+Twist™ mechanism, developed especially for the occasion. There is no need to dismantle your pen or fumble around with cartridges each time you’re out of ink – this pen utilises a wholly new built-in refilling system.

Begin by gently pulling back the end of the pen’s shaft, then twisting it counter-clockwise until you feel resistance. This creates a vacuum seal inside the chamber. Then, with the nib fully submerged in a pot of your favourite ink, twist the end clockwise until it is back in its original position, drawing ink up through the nib to fill the chamber. Finally, simply click the end of your pen back into place, dab off the excess ink, and you’re good to go. Elegant, simple and a joy to use, the Pull+Twist™ system is yet another detail which embodies Otto Hutt’s passion for both traditional artisanship and cutting-edge technological innovation.

“As the current managing director, remembering our origins fills me with pride and joy. This is reflected in the anniversary edition designC. Linking the past with the present, it honours the development of the Otto Hutt brand in a unique way. I look back proudly on our history, as well as on the present and the next 100 years of Otto Hutt, during which we want to continue focusing on innovation, tradition, and development.” - Marco Frei

Otto Hutt designC gift box

Owners of this special edition pen will themselves become an important part of the Otto Hutt story. Manufacturing of the designC is strictly limited to only 500 pens worldwide, each one engraved with its own 3-digit serial number on the cap. Crafted by hand with the finest materials, drawing upon innumerable influences from the past 100 years, each pen is truly one of a kind – a fitting celebration of the craft, dedication and passion that Otto Hutt is known for worldwide. Don’t miss out!