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Make Your Snail Mail Beautiful

Make Your Snail Mail Beautiful

Make Your Snail Mail Beautiful

Hand written letters are something extraordinary. Picking up your favourite pen, choosing ink and paper, then sitting down to scribe a side (or 5) to someone close to your heart. They brighten your day to receive them and can be a stress reliever to write. You’re likely to write about things you would never think of, if you were typing or texting. Make your snail mail beautiful by following these fun ideas.


Make Your Snail Mail Beautiful: Colourful Postage Stamps So you’ve got to add a stamp or your snail mail isn’t going anywhere! But don’t just use the boring ones. You can request ones with pictures if buying from a post office. These come out in limited edition series all through the year and will certainly brighten the outside of your envelope. Ask for a specific style (you can find what’s out now here) or just ask for something colourful!

Wax & Seal

Make Your Snail Mail Beautiful: Wax & Seal Letter Set with Envelope Background Seal your envelope in style. Use an old fashioned stamp and some wax to close up the envelope and add a little touch of extravagance. We have a range of great wax & seal sets including single letter stamps and decorative designs.

Decorative Addresses

Make Your Snail Mail Beautiful: Decorative Hand Lettered Address on Envelope Take some time with labelling the envelope. Try your hand at some fancy lettering and see how easy it is to add some flair to your snail mail. You can go all out and write the whole address in a calligraphic style or just illuminate the first letter of their name. There are some fantastic hand lettering tutorials online which you can follow or you can simply stylise the lettering. Give it a go and you could be pleasantly surprised with the results.


Make Your Snail Mail Beautiful: Perfume & Flowers Lifestyle Adding a spritz of your favourite perfume to the pages of your letter will evoke all your recipients’ senses. A whiff of your signature scent to remind them of long gone memories and special times together. They say a smell is worth a thousand words and can spark far more powerful a memory than your letter alone. Touch their sinuses and touch their heart…


Make Your Snail Mail Beautiful: Children in mock Polaroid photographs If you haven’t met with your recipient in a while, include a photograph. Make it of something you’ve done lately that you’re writing about in your letter, or share photos of the kids (furry friends included). It can really bring a letter to life when they can visualise what you’ve been writing to them about.


Make Your Snail Mail Beautiful: Colourful Envelopes It can be easy to just grab any old paper and pen when you set down to write a letter, but plan ahead and get yourself something unique. Something that will not only make you smile, but your recipient too. Original Crown Mill have a great range of luxurious paper and envelopes that will give your letters a distinguished air. Or something a little more colourful ?!.