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Bullet Journaling For Beginners - Hints & Tips

Bullet Journaling For Beginners - Hints & Tips

Bullet Journaling For Beginners - Hints & Tips

In part one of our Bullet Journaling for Beginners series, we showed you an overview of what Bullet Journaling is and how to get started. Now in Part 2, we've got some handy hints & tips from some bloggers and BuJo enthusiasts. Hear how they got started and why this system is more than just another planner. My Life in a Bullet's August Calendar Spread

My Life in a Bullet's August Calendar Spread


Why Use a Bullet Journal?

Cristina - My Life in a Bullet - Headshot Cristina from MyLifeinaBullet talks about why she got started:

"I started using planners when I went off to college…I soon found that regular planners were too limiting – they come in pre-formatted layouts that didn’t always work for my dynamic schedule, and I had no room for ideas, journaling, lists, doodles, etc. Discovering the idea of a bullet journal, as simple as it may be, completely changed everything. Its flexibility allows me to keep my whole life inside it, and I don’t think I could ever go back to regular planners again."

Kelly of KellysRamblings said it was the hype of the Bullet Journal that got her interested, but it was the practicality that made the Bullet Journal an integral part of her life.

“once I did some research for myself I was hooked… The thing I love most about the bullet journal concept is that it can be adapted in any way to suit you and I’ve certainly made my own tweaks along the way… I honestly don’t think I would function properly without my journal now; it has become a part of my everyday life and routine.”

Kelly - KellysRamblings - Headshot

Several bloggers told us about the benefits they've experienced:

Catherine - Pushing the Moon - Headshot Catherine from mentions how it has helped with memory and organisation.

“it has calmed my rather jumbled brain – I need to physically write information down if I want my brain to retain it. Having everything in one place has made a big difference”

Pretty Prints And Paper's Jessica said:

“my needs change throughout the year. The bullet journal system grew with me, and it allowed me to think deeply about what I needed, and how I could live my best life.”

Jessica - Pretty Prints & Paper - Headshot

Pretty Prints and Paper's 30 before 30 spread

Pretty Prints and Paper's 30 before 30 spread


Hints & Tips - How to Begin

Leuchtturm1917 Bullet Journal and Pens Lifestyle

"Beginners should know that all you need for a bullet journal is a notebook and a pen. That simple. You do NOT have to draw, doodle, colour or do anything artsy in it. The bullet journal is whatever you want/need it to be.” - Cristina


“I would actually suggest that beginners head over to the official Bullet Journal website and spend some time reading through the literature on there… and then just give it a go!” - Catherine


“A lot of people ask me for this kind of beginner’s advice – and I always tell people that the person who knows those answers is you! What works for me – a younger, social, educator who lives alone – will not work for someone else who is a stay-at-home mother of two or a student with a dog and chronic illness. So what I offer to beginners are these: The bullet journal system is a tool – what do you need it to do?... The function and purpose will determine the structures you create… Experiment, a lot! It took me months to get to a layout that I liked, that worked for my purposes. That’s part of the fun” - Jessica


Hints & Tips - Favourite Spreads

“Some of the spreads that I use consistently are the future log (which is an overview of the upcoming months), the monthly logs and the weekly logs. These are the spreads that I’d recommend beginners to start with as well.” - Cristina


“when I started I used just a few specific spreads until I got used to using the Bullet Journal system, and then after a couple of months I adapted the spreads to suit my needs…After a while I incorporated a meal planning spread, savings spread, weight loss tracker and a mood mandala (one of my favourite spreads).” - Catherine

Pushing the Moon's Mood Mandala Pushing the Moon's Mood Mandala

Kellys Ramblings Bookcase Spread

Kellys Ramblings Bookcase Spread

“One of my favourite yearly spreads in my journal is my bookcase. As a book blogger I read a lot of books and I wanted a fun way to keep track of the books in my journal…I add the titles of books as I read them and each month has a different colour so I can get a glance at which months were full of books and which were not” - Kelly

Are you a Bullet Journaler yourself? We'd love to hear your stories; how you came to BuJo and how its helped you? What are your favourite spreads? Share your story with us and help inspire others to begin their Bullet Journal adventure.