Tibaldi Pen Ranges

Tibaldi No. 60 from £140.00

A touch of classic 1950s Americana gives the Tibaldi No60 a distinctive retro look. Gleaming palladium plated trim echoes the polished chrome which was so popular in the era. With a triple band encircling the cap and stepped conical finial, this pen evokes images of classic cars and stylish diner’s. Manufactured from lightweight, durable resin and matched with a broad profile, the No60 has a presence in the hand whilst still feeling agile in use.

Tibaldi Infrangibile from £125.00

Inspired by 1930’s pen aesthetics, the Tibaldi Infrangibile brings classic design into the modern era. Finished with a conical finial, the chunky cigar shaped profile presents a bold and commanding silhouette. Crafted from premium resin, the Infrangibile has a pleasing presence in the hand and a durability which marries with the collections name (Infrangibile meaning unbreakable or shatterproof in Italian).

Tibaldi Perfecta from £155.00

The Tibaldi Perfecta’s pared back design has a beautiful simplicity reserved for modern icons. Straight lines and subtle curves create an imposing silhouette. The glossy resin construction is finished with raised bands of simple engraving producing a striking tiled effect. Completed with a colour matched rubberised clip, the Perfecta has a sleek, contemporary aesthetic.

Tibaldi Bononia from £155.00

Named after the city of Bologna, Tibaldi’s Bononia collection matches traditional aesthetics with modern touches, like the metropolis itself. The streamlined design belies the chunky profile, making the Bononia simultaneously sleek and imposing, whilst the pen is finished with a triple band encircling the cap.