Stay Motivated with the Help of Pen & Paper

Stay Motivated with the Help of Pen & Paper

Stay Motivated with the Help of Pen & Paper

As January comes to an end, how many of those resolutions have already been dropped and/ or broken? With the excitement of the new year dwindling as normal practice resumes, Pen Heaven have put their finest nib to paper to offer some failsafe ways to stay motivated and on-track throughout the coming months. 

Organise your time efficiently with a diary

Grab a day-to-page diary and manage those busy days by breaking your time down into 1 hour segments. Ensure pressing tasks and emails are sent before 9am (it might mean waking up earlier) and allow time for lunch and regular breaks, strictly sticking to each hour slot. This is an excellent time management tool that works wonders for productivity and completing tasks on time. Set small goals at the beginning of each week/ month, working them into your new schedule – it’s amazing to see what you can achieve when you plan correctly.

Create an inspiring environment

different-working-environments-main-image    Be it for work or relaxation, your immediate surroundings can have a vast impact on your mood and creativity. Clear your space of clutter and mess, throw out those broken pens and buy a new notebook to bring a state of Zen to your chosen space.  

Take a break from the digital world

shutterstock_296196317 It’s very easy to feel that we should be ‘on-call’ 24/7 thanks to the plethora of gadgets and mobile devices available, so ensure you take time out to rest and replenish. Leave your phone and go for a brisk walk in the fresh air. Not only beneficial to your wellbeing, this will reset your creativity, bringing with it more production when you return to the task at hand. Equally, stepping away from the computer screen and writing by handcan generate more ideas and allow your mind more freedom.

Get Journaling

Keep a journal of your day, highlighting great achievements, to clear your thoughts and put daily tasks to bed (this is also a brilliant keepsake that you can refer to). Hand writing a journal the oldfashioned way is an excellent medium for cleansing the mind and helps to organise your thoughts. Just a few minutes a day can help combat stress and help overcome problems or fears too. For a better night’s sleep, simply jot down a to-do list for tomorrow – this will allow your mind to switch off and relax faster. How do you stay motivated? Comment below with your tips and tricks for productivity. Please also read our post on Writing for Mindfulness for further tips.