Love your Workstation?

Love your Workstation?

Love your Workstation?

How do you arrange your workspace? Do you work best in your very own blend of organised chaos, or are you a bit of a neat freak (a la Monica from Friends)? We asked eight bloggers to take a photograph of their own workstation, in our ‘Where do you Blog from’ competition. Whilst most agreed on the absolute essentials, a cup of coffee and notebook, the rest was up for grabs.

Winner: Satchels and Pearls


 We are delighted to announce Michelle at Satchels & Pearls as our deserved winner. We loved the organised chaos vibe, and the stylish notes on the wall….a very personal space.

“I have my laptop in the middle, usually this is the divider as I have my blogging work on one side and University work on the other. This means that I can keep everything separated, organised and can find things quickly when I need to.”

“My desk also operates as my craft workstation too so I have to make sure I have everything I need around me at all times. Although my workstation is messy, it's organised chaos to me. I like everything bright and kept in it's place too. Also, I like to have inspirational quotes and artwork on the walls to brighten up my workstation too.”

“For blogging, I like to keep everything in a personal organiser. At the moment I have three Filofax personal organisers. I know that may seem a little strange however, one is to keep all my personal diary dates in and is small enough to fit into my handbag, the 'personal' sized organiser is where I keep all my blog information such as contacts, sponsors, blog income, etc, and the last being my A5 organiser which I use for University which keeps all my notes, reading lists, library information, course content, etc.”

Claire Belle Makes

entry2It is important for me to have a good desk space, even if it sometimes an absolute MESS!”

We absolutely love the pegboard idea!

Morgans Milieu


 “When I first took over our spare room and made it my office it looked empty. I had an old dresser as my desk, a swivel chair and my Macbook Air. All the essentials, yes, but not quite what I imagined.”

I have a real desk (bought from IKEA), an iMac and Mickey and Minnie mouse to keep me inspired. The view from my window is lovely and I have a door that can be closed.”


Emily Benet


“I've had my £19 Ikea desk for 10 years and I've written 3 books on it, two of which have been published. The cork boards are what I plot on, one post-it note for each chapter. The mug, which reads Go Away I'm Editing, is always topped up with tea, and although half my life is online, I always, always, have a physical notebook on the go!”

Make up Pixi3


Georgina at Makeup Pixi3 has the very common problem most of us experience at home, lack of space for a decent sized office.

“My workstation isn't quite what it used to be - I had a gorgeous white glossy desk from IKEA, with the 'blogger drawers' underneath to store my makeup, it was lovely.  But that room is now Squidge's nursery, so my workspace is mobile.

Sometimes it's as simple as my MacBook on my lap while I'm on the sofa, and if I have some serious work to do and it's not too bright in the conservatory, I'll sit at the dining table (pictured above) with my notepad, pen and phone.  Yeah, I don't sit there with a camera lens out, I mean who does! I just thought it would make the picture look nice :)”

Beak Up Crafts


“So here it is, although things tend to come and go! There’s my trusty MacBook, a new candle which I was given for my birthday along with the spiky cactus and the print is by the very talented Lola Hoad.”

Abigail Townsend at Food for Think



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