Pen Heaven launches #LoveYourLife Campaign

Pen Heaven launches #LoveYourLife Campaign

Pen Heaven launches #LoveYourLife Campaign

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Are you tired? Stressed? Too busy to think? You’re not alone. With all the pressures of modern living there’s a reason that demand for meditation apps and mindfulness colouring books are through the roof.
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For times when it feels as though life has taken over and everything starts to become one never-ending, monotonous chore (as can easily happen at this busy time of year), it's easy to forget that we need to actively participate and nurture ourselves in order to get the very best out of our lives.

But before you book that silent retreat, or Mari Kondo your entire house, why not consider a simple and effective option that’s been proven to boost your long-term peace of mind and create a happier, healthier you for hundreds of years: keeping a journal.

It’s one of those things that feels too obvious to be true, which is why we’re launching our very own happiness boosting-campaign to celebrate the power of the humble journal, called #LoveYourLife. After all, a life worth living is a life worth documenting and reflecting on.

Our new campaign is a reminder of the multitude of health benefits of journaling, appealing to all to make the simple, yet ever-so effective, task of journaling part of your everyday life.

Green Ribbon Journal We’ve partnered with the Mental Health Foundation to create the stylish Green Ribbon Journal. Handmade in Italy from premium leather, it’s an ideal companion for your journaling adventure and your journey to better mental health, with 10% of all sales going to help fund their research, education and support programmes.

Throughout the campaign we’ll be highlighting how writing can benefit your mental health and share hints and tips on how to easily make it part of your daily routine. We’ve also asked our community of bloggers to try journaling for just 3 weeks. After all, it only takes 21 days to make something a habit. We’ve set no restrictions on how or where or when; just given them free-reign and set them lose with journal and pen in tow. Once the busy festive season is over, we’ll be asking how they felt the daily musings help them tackle life and how it helped their mental health.

If you only make one resolution this year, choose to prioritise yourself and #LoveYourLife. Open your journal, turn off your phone, and write from your heart. You never know what you might find.