Colour A Day

Colour A Day

Colour A Day

According to ancient proverbs, astrology and practitioners of colour therapy, each of us should channel a different colour daily, depending on what day it is. Believed to affect our mood, emotion and alleviate ailments, Pen Heaven have put together their 7 must-have colours (of stationery) to help us get the very most out of every week.

Sunday = Pink

[caption id="attachment_1741" align="alignleft" width="238"]Colour: Pink. Otto Hutt Design 06 Fountain Pen - Pink Otto Hutt Design 06 Fountain Pen - Pink[/caption] Best used on a Sunday, Pink is not only the fashion colour of the season, it is also excellent for yielding good results. Oozing warmth and love, the colour pink will enhance your personality, helping you to draw in friends and acquaintances.Show off your Sunday best with the Otto Hutt Design 06 Fountain Pen - Pink. This stylish pen matches soft pastel pink with lustrous rose gold trim and is sure to fulfil your pink quota for the week.  

Monday = White

[caption id="attachment_1742" align="alignright" width="238"]Colour: White. Moleskine Passions - Wedding Journal Moleskine Passions - Wedding Journal[/caption] An excellent start to the working week, adding some white to your Monday look will help thwart negativity in all forms. A day for negotiations, planning anything big (such as a wedding), ideas and suggestions, using a white pen or notebook is most favourable.Get down to business and start planning your big day with the Moleskine Passions - Wedding Journal. Decorated in an incricate debossed pattern and with plenty of internal sections for each aspect of the day, this journal makes sure it'll be a pleasure to plan for the white wedding of your dreams.  

Tuesday = Red

[caption id="attachment_1743" align="alignleft" width="238"]Colour: Red. Parker Duofold Big Red Ballpoint Pen Parker Duofold Big Red Ballpoint Pen[/caption] Bright and bold, a dash of red to your Tuesday routine shows you mean business and will help you be more courageous. A good day for completing those admin tasks, helping you to achieve success.Dare to be different with a dose of rust red in your stationery collection. The Parker Duofold Big Red Ballpoint Pen has vintage appeal by the bucket load and will showcase your fearless and unique style.  

Wednesday = Green

[caption id="attachment_1744" align="alignright" width="238"]Colour: Green. Conklin Duragraph Forest Green Fountain Pen Conklin Duragraph Forest Green Fountain Pen[/caption] Ruled by Mercury, Wednesday is all about wealth and no colour exudes that better than green. A good day for travelling too, perhaps to sign on a new prosperous venture, a deep and rich green is best observed to ensure good effects.From little seeds, big thing grow; from a small spark of inspiration, Conklin has grown into a niche brand with superior craftsmanship. The premium finishing of the Conklin Duragraph Forest Green Fountain Pen exudes luxury, wealth and prominence.  

Thursday = Yellow

[caption id="attachment_1725" align="alignleft" width="300"]Colour: Yellow. Sorrento Medium Leather Journal - Yellow Sorrento Medium Leather Journal - Yellow[/caption] A prime day for education and showing gratitude, perhaps to one’s teacher, Thursday’s optimal colour is yellow. A positive colour, that brightens the mood and opens the mind to new beginnings and learning.Jot down your notes in the perfectly portable Sorrento Medium Leather Journal. The bright yellow colour will liven up any study session, whilst the A5/A6 size is small but spacious, ensuring you'll have plenty of room for notes.  

Friday = Silver & Blue

[caption id="attachment_1745" align="alignright" width="238"]Colour: Silver&Blue. Parker IM Blue Grey Ballpoint Pen Parker IM Light Blue Grey Ballpoint Pen[/caption] The best day of the week for friendship and travel, Friday permeates happiness and powerful healing properties. To further enhance your day, use precious stones and pale blue or silver hues – all excellent for channelling the day’s positive energy.Get that Friday feeling with the Parker IM Light Blue Grey Ballpoint Pen. Write your diary with this premium yet affordable ballpoint pen; presented in a mix of calming silver and blue you'll be ready for whatever the weekend throws at you.  

Saturday = Purple

[caption id="attachment_1746" align="alignleft" width="300"]Colour: Purple. Lamy Al-Star Black Purple Fountain Pen Lamy Al-Star Black Purple Fountain Pen[/caption] The day for big success, Saturday, ruled by Saturn, is also excellent for combating negative forces. With deep purple often associated with success and wealth, adding this dark shade to your Saturday routine will strengthen your efforts.Write your way to success with the smooth, easy flowing Lamy Al-Star Black Purple Fountain Pen. With a lightweight aluminium barrel and ergonomic grip, you can comfortably write for hours.