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Backpackers Best

Backpackers Best

Backpackers Best

If you love to travel, you’ll know how important it is to document your memories for posterity. From writing postcards home to tell loved ones about what you’ve seen, to jotting in a gorgeous travel journal you’ll treasure forever, the right stationery can be one of the best souvenirs you’ll buy...before you’ve even left!

We already shared a few of our favourite luxury travel essentials, but being on a budget is no reason to miss out. Whether you’re waving your teenager off to a hostel, or exploring somewhere new and exciting on your own, here’s our list of backpacking essentials (no backpacking required). They’re small, lightweight, durable, useful, and under £35 each, so you might even find yourself using them at home.

Kaweco Twist & Out Ink Cartridge Dispenser

Budget Travel Essentials: Kaweco Twist & Out Ink Cartridge Dispenser

The gadget you never knew you needed: this sturdy storage device holds eight short ink cartridges, so you can carry refills for your favourite fountain pen without worrying about ruining the bottom of your bag. It comes filled, so you should be set for your next few trips. £4.20.

Filofax Saffiano Compact Zip Organiser

If you’re a Filofax addict, you’ll know that the impulse to stuff it full can be overpowering. If you want to keep all your bits and pieces together, and be sure you’re not going to lose a single ticket, receipt or document, this zip up option is a great travel alternative. As multi-use as the big boys, it’s perfect for when you’re on the run. £34.20.

Budget Travel Essentials: Filofax Saffiano Compact Zip Organiser in Poppy and Lamy Pico Matt Black Ballpoint Pen

Lamy Pico Ballpoint Pen

Short on packing space? This full-sized (12cm) pen reduces down to a neat 9cm when not in use. It even won a Red Dot design award for its innovative profile. It’s the ultimate travel pen, and is sure to be a conversation starter wherever you are in the world. £31.50.

Kaweco Classic Sport Fountain Pen

Budget Travel Essentials: Kaweco Classic Sport Fountain Pen - Transparent

If you’re bringing the cartridges, you might as well have the pen too! Kaweco has been producing fountain pens since 1935, so it’s safe to assume they’ve graced a few travellers’ pockets over the years. The chunky profile sits comfortably in any hand, while still being stylish and easy to use. £17.68.

Paper Republic Grand Voyageur Leather Travel Notebook

Your perfect travel companion, and the most useful compact notebook you’ll ever own. From a diary to a travel wallet, there are plenty of interchangeable inserts you can use to personalise it to your exact needs, and with a variety of colour and embossing options, you’ll always be able to identify it. £29.99.

Budget Travel Essentials: Paper Republic Grand Voyageur Travel Notebook in Chestnut & Worther Shorty Pencil in Orange

Worther Shorty Pencil

There’s an old joke that goes: the Americans spent 30 years trying to create a pen that would write in space, while the Russians just used a pencil. This is the ultimate pencil. Durable, comfortable and ultra-practical - it writes on wood, metal, paper, and plastic - it’s also perfect for sketching. £7.25.