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Add Character to Your Engraving

Add Character to Your Engraving

Add Character to Your Engraving

Symbols are all around us. We use them every day. They are a mark, sign or word that represents an idea or object. From road signs to alphabets, symbols teach us so much and we use them to represent not only the obvious, but to connect ideas with seemingly dissimilar concepts. We’ve been proud to launch a brand new feature to our website recently, our engraving symbols pop-up. We have taken the most popular symbols which we get asked to engrave and put them together in one place for you to use in any of your engraving messages. We know that sometimes its hard to know what to engrave, but using symbols can add a little something special to any engraving message. But what do these symbols mean? We thought we’d delve a little deeper to find out all their obscure and sometimes mysterious connotations.

Flower - ❀

Scintillating Symbols: Flower Symbol
Flowers are often given as gifts to girls and women, so the flower is seen as a positive and feminine symbol. Every flower has its own specific meaning, so it’s difficult to pin point exactly which this symbol represents, however the ‘White Florette’ symbol as it is known, most closely reflects the shape of a Daisy, which symbolises innocence and purity.

Anchor - ⚓

Scintillating Symbols: Anchor Symbol
Not only a symbol related to the sea and ships, the rugged nature and steadfastness of an anchor means it has a much deeper meaning. The anchor stands for stability and security. Using this symbol means that the person is well grounded, is in tune with themselves and is true to their ideals.  


Scintillating Symbols: Cross Symbol
Within contemporary Christianity, the Latin cross is a symbol of sacrifice and atonement, but the cross has long been a symbol of spirituality and healing. Due to its strong historical links with Christianity, this symbol also signifies tradition, faith, and hope.  


Scintillating Symbols: Peace Symbol
Many people wouldn’t know the roots of this particular symbol. Originating in the late 50’s, the symbol uses the two semaphore letters N & D to create the internal lines. These were placed together in a circle. ND standing for Nuclear Disarmament. Following along from the ‘hippy’ culture that supported nuclear disarmament, the symbol has come to represent peace and love in all forms.  


Scintillating Symbols: Yin Yang Symbol
This well-known Chinese symbol is often just seen to symbolise balance, primarily between good and evil. However, there are some deeper meanings. The Yin (black) represents shadows and femininity, whilst the Yang (white) is associated with passion, brightness and growth. The Yin and Yang should be seen as complementary rather than opposing forces, as everything contains both aspects. This is shown by the contrasting dots inside each swirl.



Scintillating Symbols: Shamrock Symbol
A traditional symbol of Ireland, the Shamrock or the 3 leaf clover, is associated with St. Patrick. He is said to have used this little leaf to help symbolise the holy trinity when he was bringing Christianity to Ireland, with each leaf signifying the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The leaves are also said to represent faith, hope and love.  


Scintillating Symbols: Star & Crescent Moon Symbol
Whilst now strongly associated with Islam, the ‘Hilal’ predates Islam by around 2000 years. The crescent moon represents the moon in all its phases. As such it is a symbol of our life cycle and of eternity or immortality. As many religions believe in reincarnation or an afterlife, the moon is often used as a symbol to reflect this. The five-pointed star within, represents the heavens above and the fight between light and dark.



Scintillating Symbols: Fleur De Lis Symbol
Meaning flower of the lily in French, this symbol is a stylised lily with three petals joined at the base. The symbol is generally used as a decoration. Historically, this symbol is related with the French monarchy, but more recently it has become connected with The Scout Association. The lily itself has many meanings, but primarily purity and brevity.  


Scintillating Symbols: Rod of Asclepius Symbol
This symbol has its origins in Greek mythology. Asclepius was the Greek god of healing and medicine whom is depicted holding a serpent entwined staff. His staff is used in modern society to represent the medical professions. The snake has been said to have many meanings, including representing the non-venomous snakes often used in ancient healing rituals and as a symbol of rejuvenation, due to their shedding skins.