Lamy Accent 4pen 3+1 Multifunction Pen

  • Engraving: Dark Grey
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Most works of modern German art are swimming around in museums. This one still works for a living. The LAMY 2000 has been writing its way into design history since 1966. Even today, many people regard it as one of the world´s most modern writing instruments. A combination of fibreglass and stainless steel with a brush finish. Spring-mounted, solid stainless steel clip.

Key Features

  • The business world is a jungle nowadays, here is your survival kit. The LAMY 4pen takes care of all your writing needs. Why choose one when you can have it all?
  • Fitted with a black ballpoint0.7mm HB pencil and stylus
  • Takes Lamy multifunction ballpoint refills or standard mini ballpoint refills
  • Built in eraser
  • Palladium finish

How to work the pen

This pen uses a gravity selection mechanism system. To select writing mode, please hold the pen and turn it so the correct colour symbol is facing you, then press the top button down. Please note the mechanism system won't work if the pen is held upright.



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