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Upgrade Your Fountain Pen

Upgrade Your Fountain Pen

Upgrade Your Fountain Pen

There are few things in life that truly surpass the joy of writing with a fountain pen. The feel of the nib as it glides across the page. The way the pen itself makes you slow down and consider your words more carefully. More than any other tool, it is a trusted friend that can accompany you for years, if not a lifetime. If you’re already a fountain pen fan, then you may think it’s time to upgrade your fountain pen. Both aesthetically, and in terms of usability, there is huge variety out there, with something for every taste, style and budget. But watch out, some additions can be costly.

Go For Gold

Parker Duofold 'Craft of Travelling' Limited Edition Fountain Pen

Gold is a precious metal valued throughout the world, but never so much as in the nib of a fountain pen. It is durable enough to last a lifetime, but also soft enough to quickly adapt to your unique writing style. A perfect pen upgrade for the budding writer.

  1. Engrave Me!
    Graf von Faber-Castell Classic Grenadilla Wood Fountain Pen

With an 18k gold nib, and high-quality barrel in a range of premium finishes, the distinguished Graf von Faber-Castell Classic exudes luxury.

An 18k gold nib is complemented by a 23k gold trim. A classic style that will go the limit, this is a choice that won’t look out of place on an executive desk. Perfect for celebrating a promotion.

  1. Engrave Me!
    Pilot Capless Decimo Pink Champagne Fountain Pen

Matching luxury looks with cutting edge technology, the Pilot Capless features a pioneering mechanism which forgoes the traditional capped fountain pen design. With a quick click of the push-button, the 18k gold nib retracts into the sealed compartment within, protecting the nib and preventing leaks.


A Flattering Finish

Cross Century II 10k Filled/Rolled Gold Fountain Pen

From precious woods to rare metals, there are many premium finishes that are perfect if you're looking to upgrade your pen. Choose an aesthetic that makes your new pen stand out from the crowd, to elevate a moment of introspective solitude or provide a perfect conversation starter.

If you’re a busy bee, this delicate design might be exactly what you need to keep your affairs in order. With a fine cigar shape, each pen has a unique six-digit serial number so you can prove it’s yours when your friends try to “borrow” it.

With its long, straight barrel constructed from unpolished brown pearwood, this feels like an artisanal treasure. A bold, earthy design that is sure to become a modern classic.

  1. Engrave Me!
    Caran d'Ache Ecridor Chevron Gilded Fountain Pen

Intricate engraving glimmers in the light making this gold-finished pen radiate sophistication. With a slim profile and modern hexagonal profile, this pen will add a touch of extravagance to your stationery collection. Designed for a lifetime of smooth, effortless writing.


Clean and Clear

Laban Skeleton Rose Gold Demonstrator Fountain Pen

There’s nothing worse than being mid-sentence on your magnum opus when your cartridge runs out. Choosing a clear barrel is an ideal upgrade for practically-minded scribblers to keep tabs on their ink supply.

Modern and lightweight, this perfectly formed marvel is straight from a Wes Anderson film. Keep one in every bag for notes on the go.

A stand-out choice that’s unlike anything you’ve seen before. This transparent pen is decorated with a geometric framework, creating a striking abstract effect. One for show-offs.

  1. TWSBI VAC 700R Clear Fountain Pen

Ditch cartridges all together and fill your pen in a single motion with an inbuilt vacuum mechanism. This reliable workhorse can be completely disassembled for cleaning, and has extra-strong seals to prevent any leaks.


Filler Up

TWSBI Eco T Clear Fountain Pen

Pens without cartridges open up a whole world of bottled inks in every colour of the rainbow and - if you’re eco-conscious - cut down on plastic waste.

Matching superior craftsmanship with sleek minimalist design, Pilot have created a writing instrument every pen aficionado will covet. Treat yourself to a bottle of Pilot ink - enough to write a novel.

  1. TWSBI GO Sapphire Blue Fountain Pen

Ultra-affordable and fast to fill, this pen’s lightweight plastic barrel has been faceted to stop it rolling off the table. A small loop allows it to be connected to a keyring or lanyard. The height of practicality.

  1. LAMY 2000 Black Fountain Pen
    87% of 100

The innovative fibreglass body keeps down weight and is finished with a sleek brushed texture, while the tapered profile produces an exceptionally comfortable feel. Like all the finest fountain pens, this one features a platinum-plated solid 14k gold nib.


Wild Lines

Writing of the words

All nibs aren’t created equal, and there are plenty of unusual choices that can add some extra flair to your penmanship. If you’re a fan of a funky line, or find that a traditional fountain pen nib doesn’t seem to work for you, keep an eye out for the following:

  • Stub: cut flat across the top, this broad nib creates greater variance between vertical and horizontal lines. It’s no effort calligraphy!
  • Oblique: cut at an angle, which can help you to make proper contact with the paper if you’ve tried and failed with fountain pens in the past. A reverse oblique is perfect for lefties.
  • Music: Extra-flexible, this nib is designed for jotting sheet music, but some people prefer it for regular note taking as well.

  1. Engrave Me!
    LAMY AL-star Ocean Blue Fountain Pen

Upgrade to your perfect line. One of the world’s most popular pens, it can come with a 1.1mm stub nib, but you can add a 1.5mm or 1.9mm if you prefer.

  1. Engrave Me!
    Parker Sonnet Black Gold Trim Fountain Pen
    100% of 100

Plenty of nib options mean you can fit this classic to your exact needs. Choose from six colours for a completely personal profile.

Inspired by the clean lines of luxury yachts, the Carene feels opulent without being overboard. Choose your nib for a truly stunning addition to your stationery collection.