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  • Christmas Craft Tips: Send A Handmade Card This Year!

    Christmas time is here once again, which means it’s time to get in touch with your friends and family to wish them all the best for the festive season. Why not make things extra special by adding a personal touch and sending them a handmade card? It’s
    easier than you think and you don’t need to splash out too much cash to put a new twist on an annual tradition. To help you out with some ideas we asked some of the best craft bloggers around for their tips and tricks to create great cards this…
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  • Stationery Bloggers Review of 2014

    From Montblanc to Sailor Inks and Kaweco to Pelikan, as the year draws to a close Pen Heaven talks with some of the most prolific pen bloggers to see what got them scribbling over the last 12 months.  Jennifer of on The Montblanc
    Boheme Fountain Pen: My favourite fountain pen this year is the Montblanc Boheme. Sure, my second runner up recently, the Aurora 88, is more of a “writer’s” fountain pen, but it’s hard to one-up the Boheme. It’s just the coolest, most…
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  • The Pen Gift Guide: Who are you Buying for?

    Buying a pen for someone else can feel daunting, given the huge choice and personal nature of a pen. The author Paulo Coelho described the pen as ‘….an extension of the writer's hand and desire’. It’s therefore important to think about your recipient
    to get it right. Are they a ballpoint or fountain pen person? Should you go for a classic or modern design? In what colour? All these questions can be answered by thinking about the person you are buying for. To help you we have prepared the…
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  • War Poetry: Pen Heaven Visits the Imperial War Museum

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    Graves, Sassoon, and Rosenberg: three men who helped shape the way we view the First World War today. Their work has come into renewed focus this November, as a flurry of activity takes place to mark the World War I centenary. One such event is the
    publication by the Imperial War Museum of a new anthology of war poetry, Poems from the Front, compiled in light of the wealth of poets’ drafts and manuscripts in the museum’s archives. This got Pen Heaven thinking: what secrets can these drafts…
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  • Graphology with Elaine Quigley: History's Six Most Evil Scrawls

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       It’s said that a person’s handwriting is a window to their soul. In their loops and curves and the spaces between their letters lie clues their predilections, their deviances, their secrets and sins. We’re talking, of course, about the science
    of graphology, at which Elaine Quigley is one of the world’s leading practitioners – not to mention a Jack the Ripper expert. To mark the spookiest time of year, Elaine has kindly agreed to help us out with an appropriately grisly Pen Heaven…
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  • Lamy: A Pen is Born

    Lamy's headquarters in Heidelberg, Germany. Photo credit @ Wikipedia. German manufacturing is synonymous with reliability and exacting standards of quality control – and Lamy is no exception. Since founding in 1930, they’ve become one of the world’s
    leading pen brands. Customers value their pens for comfort, affordability and functionality, whilst awards organisations have handed down countless accolades for their bold, Bauhaus-inspired designs. We’ve compiled this article to show the…
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  • Art Competition: #InkToWin a Platinum Fountain Pen worth £2,000!

       To mark the launch of Platinum Mix Free Inks, Pen Heaven is hosting an art competition. Simply create a piece of artwork in ink, upload a photo and you're in with a chance to win a handmade Platinum fountain pen worth £2,000! Seeking inspiration?
    Scroll down to find a example entries from some of our bloggers... // Seeking Inspiration?  James Mayhew will be co-judging the competition, and came up with this inspirational piece to help get your creative cogs whirring. We sent some Platinum…
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  • What’s Keeping Handwritten Postcards Alive in the Digital Age?

    We’ve all done it – carefully selected postcards from a beachside shop for all our family and friends, then ended up bringing them home in our suitcases, unwritten and unlikely ever again to see the light of day. With so many electronic alternatives
    now available, perhaps we can be forgiven. Last week, we read this article by travel writer Ashley Muir Bruin on postcard apps. With some differences in precise functionality, these apps send a custom image and typed message as a physical postcard,…
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  • Staying Organised and On Top of your ‘To Do’ List

     With the whole world ‘ON’ all of the time it can be very difficult to remain fully focused each day. So that you accomplish the things that you really want to achieve, rather than getting waylaid by all the inevitable interruptions that occur,
    here are some tips to help you: DECIDE: WHAT DO YOU WANT TO ACHIEVE TODAY? First and foremost, so that we can be on top of our ‘To Do’ list, we need to plan our day in advance. We need to DECIDE, what we need to get done in a day and what we want…
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  • Happy Fountain Pen Day!

    Happy Fountain Pen Day pen lovers! All across the world right now, dedicated pen fans are paying homage to their favourite writing instruments by celebrating a day dedicated solely to fine fountain pens. It’s also the start of National Novel Writing Month,
    which makes this the perfect day to be celebrating the (hand)written word. In case you weren’t aware, fountain pens have a rich history dating back over 5,000 years. Here are some fun facts about fountain pens that you may not have been aware…
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