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  • Upgrade Your Fountain Pen

    There are few things in life that truly surpass the joy of writing with a fountain pen. The feel of the nib as it glides across the page. The way the pen itself makes you slow down and consider your words more carefully. More than any other tool, it is
    a trusted friend that can accompany you for years, if not a lifetime. If you’re already a fountain pen fan, then you may think it’s time to upgrade your fountain pen. Both aesthetically, and in terms of usability, there is huge variety out there,…
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  • Soothing Stationery For Relaxing Writing

    Imagine yourself sitting in the shade by a gorgeous villa, looking out to sea. The endless horizon reminds you of the first line on a clean, crisp page in a brand new notebook. You take a sip of an excellent wine, remove the lid from your favourite pen,
    and start to write… We don’t know about you, but amidst the daily grind, we often find our mind drifting to a ‘happy place’ where we have the time, energy and inclination to sit down and write that novel we’ve been dreaming about. Even…
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  • Sustainable Stationery: Going Plastic Free

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    How to ditch disposables to save the world Saying no to plastic carrier bags and water bottles might be an adjustment, but if you’re like most people, you’re probably happily making steps to make your lifestyle more sustainable where you can. However,
    there might be one small but significant part of your sustainability journey that you haven’t considered...your stationery. The Bic Crystal - probably the most famous plastic pen in the world - was invented in 1950. Since then, they’ve reportedly…
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  • Backpackers Best

    If you love to travel, you’ll know how important it is to document your memories for posterity. From writing postcards home to tell loved ones about what you’ve seen, to jotting in a gorgeous travel journal you’ll treasure forever, the right stationery
    can be one of the best souvenirs you’ll buy...before you’ve even left! We already shared a few of our favourite luxury travel essentials, but being on a budget is no reason to miss out. Whether you’re waving your teenager off to a hostel,…
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  • From Me To You: Tackling Cancer One Handwritten Letter at a Time

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    There are few things in life as valuable as a handwritten letter. Whether you’re sending or receiving, a personal note written in the unique script of a friend or loved one is something to be treasured. Even if your scrawl is more ‘scribble’ than
    ‘scribe’, taking the time to put pen to paper can be an incredibly meaningful gesture. There’s a good reason so many people hang on to their old love letters. Although email is arguably more efficient, a letter provides so much more than its…
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  • Anywhere, Anytime: 5 Freelancer Essentials

    There are around 5 million freelancers in the UK, meaning that more than 15% of us are now self-employed. As any freelancer knows, taking control of your own business can be both liberating and terrifying, so it’s worth putting together a tool-kit
    that makes you feel productive, prepared, and ready to tackle each day. When you’re the face of your own operation, you might naturally find yourself paying more attention to your “personal brand”. From your clothes, to your workspace, to your…
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  • A Pen To Remember: Buying an Heirloom

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    We live in a disposable culture. Most of what we own - from clothes to coffee cups - lasts weeks or years, not generations. When it comes to writing, if you want to leave a mark that lasts a lifetime and beyond, it might be time to think about putting aside
    those cheap plastic biros and investing in a family heirloom. Anyone who is lucky enough to have received one knows that a stylish pen is a treasured gift. It sits at a lower price point than a watch or silverware, but serves a similar function:…
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  • Spring Into Summer Colours

    The sun is out, the skies are blue, and it’s almost summer again. From fun-filled beach days to long, relaxing evenings with friends, there’s plenty to look forward to...not least this season’s dazzling colour trends. Inspired by London Fashion
    Week, we’ve uncovered the top statement shades to keep an eye out for this year. If you’re looking for the perfect gift, or a little something to get you through the final few days of winter, these pieces will add an irresistible pop of colour…
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  • Harmonising Your Home Office

    If you’ve ever felt the sudden urge to meticulously organise your desk draws as a deadline approaches, you’ll understand how maintaining a neat and tidy workplace can boost your productivity and reduce distractions. While many organisations have
    a ‘clear desk policy’ for this very reason, if you’re working from home it can be tempting to regard your workspace as a private place, and quickly let things slide. It doesn’t matter if your home office is a portion of a communal table, or…
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  • A Birdseye View of Pelikan

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    Recently we went on a tour of the Pelikan factory and museum in Hanover, Germany. Having learnt so many interesting facts about their brand history and heritage we thought it’d be rude not to share! Pelikan History Pelikan originally started life
    as a water colour and ink specialist. Founded by Carl Hornemann in Hanover, Germany, in April 1838, the factory quickly became renowned for its inks. Günther Wagner came to work for Carl Hornemann as a chemist and workshop manager in 1863 where he…
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