• Backpackers Best

    If you love to travel, you’ll know how important it is to document your memories for posterity. From writing postcards home to tell loved ones about what you’ve seen, to jotting in a gorgeous travel journal you’ll treasure forever, the right stationery
    can be one of the best souvenirs you’ll buy...before you’ve even left! We already shared a few of our favourite luxury travel essentials, but being on a budget is no reason to miss out. Whether you’re waving your teenager off to a hostel,…
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  • Luxury Luggage

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    Travel season is upon us and you’ll be jetting off soon. Whether you’re on a luxury budget and heading to the most exclusive of resorts or you just want everyone to think you are, you’ll want your travel stationery collection to exude the air of opulence. We’ve
    selected our favourite pens and accessories to match the luxury lifestyle and give your holidays an extra touch of extravagance. Visconti Travel Inkwell Always have your favourite ink on hand, no matter how far you travel from civilisation.…
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  • Q&A with Ed Hutchings: Inside a Travel Writer's Journal

    We recently caught up with Travel Media Awards 2015 finalist and keen Ornithologist, Ed Hutchings, to find out what he journals whilst looking for his favourite raptor species. Ed is also a regular contributor to Birdwatch, Bird Watching, Discover Britain,
    Hertfordshire Life, Nature's Home, Nature Travel Network and The Telegraph, and is usually just one step away from another adventure. You travel a lot for work and pleasure, so must have plenty of top tips for keeping notes and capturing those…
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