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Top 5: Gadgets & Gismos

Top 5: Gadgets & Gismos

Top 5: Gadgets & Gismos

Our world relies heavily on technology and there’s an abundance of cool gadgets out there, all designed to make your life easier. As technology tries to replace our traditional methods, occasionally modern science enhances the traditional and brings it bang up-to-date.

Handwriting is still so important in the digital age and we believe it will continue to be, so we’ve selected the best pen world gadgets & gismos to show you. They blend traditional means with modern technology to create a contemporary writing product which will enrich your life.

Cross TrackR Collaborations

Gadgets & Gismos: Cross Peerless TrackR Carbon Black Ballpoint Pen lifestyle image Gadgets & Gismos: Cross TrackR - Calais Satin Chrome Ballpoint Pen & TrackR Pouch Gift Set lifestyle

Cross pens have teamed up with TrackR technologies to create a range of pens which you can remotely locate. Utilising a smartphone app linked to Bluetooth technology and their massive user database to keep an eye on your pen, you’ll never lose it again. The tech even works the other way around; allowing you to find your phone with a click of the TrackR’s button.

Coming in the premium Peerless range with in-built tracker and the modern Calais design with separate tracker chip and carry pouch, there’s a Cross TrackR for everyone and every budget.

Parker Ingenuity

Gadgets & Gismos: Parker Ingenuity Range Lifestyle Image

Offering the style of a fountain pen without the fuss, the Parker Ingenuity is a modern twist on an old classic.

Designed to look and feel like a fountain pen, a faux nib hides the refill tip and makes the pen appear to be a proper fountain. However, under this guise is a smooth and free-flowing Parker 5th refill, which handles like a rollerball and is easy to replace. This modern fibre tip refill adapts to your writing style. Perfect for those whom love a fountain, but hate the mess. Available in a range of colours and finishes.

Moleskine Smart Writing Set

Gadgets & Gismos: Moleskine Smart Writing Set - Design Lifestyle

A perfect example of the traditional being brought into the modern day through technology. Using the Bluetooth enabled pen and digital notebook alongside a smartphone app, the set transfers your handwritten notes and drawings into pixels on your screen. These can be transformed into fully fledged digital text or shared direct with whomever you wish. Clever eh?

Lamy Dialog 3

Gadgets & Gismos: Lamy Dialog 3 Palladium Fountain Pen - Retractable Nib

Lamy have created a stunning fountain pen in their signature Bauhaus aesthetics. Sleek, modern design is secondary to the pens primary function as a capless fountain pen. This ingenious capless design moves the nib in and out of an airtight chamber with a simple twist, ensuring the ink won’t dry out. Great for those whom are prone to losing their pen caps.

The Dialog 3 also features a 14k gold nib which will adjust to your individual writing style making this pen a pleasure to use. Available in Palladium or Black finishes.

Visconti Travel Inkwell

Gadgets & Gismos: Visconti Travel Inkwell with ink bottle and pen

This clever little accessory can be used to refill your fountain pen with your favourite bottled ink whilst on-the-go. The inkwell can hold approximately 5ml of ink and has a friction fit cap to prevent leaks. You can use it to fill a fountain with any type of filling system, as long as you can create a good seal around the nib (Slimline and oversize fountain pens are likely not to work).

We’re sure you’ll agree that this is much more practical than carrying a full size bottle of ink around with you. Full instructions included.