How Stationery Obsessed Are You?

Take our quick quiz and see how stationery obsessed you are. Are you a stationery addict or just a lover of good stationery? Does you collection overflow from drawers and pen pots or do you just have a few well chosen pieces?

How Stationery Obsessed Are You - Quiz

Please comment your points - we'd love to hear how you scored!
And why you're so stationery obsessed!

20 thoughts on “How Stationery Obsessed Are You?”

  • John Goodall
    Written by John Goodall on February 24, 2019

    100% compatible, already know I'm obsessed and proud.

  • Fredrik
    Written by Fredrik on February 7, 2019

    Ouch - I got all but "use every page in your notebook".
    Espacially the ink everywhere... My poor desk and most things on it have a bit of ink related history these days. ;)
    Oh and I don't know what a desk tidy is so - pass on that one. :)

  • argo1946
    Written by argo1946 on January 27, 2019

    136 and rising, getting more and more into fountain pens as time goes on ...

    • mark
      Written by mark on February 16, 2019

      Just be careful with the fountain pens. Especially on loading them up. Obce you start with them you will hopefully stay with them for life.

  • Alan Nixon
    Written by Alan Nixon on December 26, 2018

    I scored full marks have been a fountain pen user since my granddad gave me one when I was 10 ready for "The Big School" was so obsessed I opened my own stationers which I ran until my retirement

  • Rob Newman
    Written by Rob Newman on July 31, 2018

    136 - used to be Parker-addict, was bought a Schaeffer as a present at school but couldnt get on with it, used it with turquoise ink for signing invoices. 4 years ago decided to come up to date with a new version and loved it, far easier to live with than the various Parkers for writing in blac ink.
    Then felt I needed to invest (and I was worth it!) So bought a Mont Blanc Ernest Hemingway set (I'd fallen in love with Venice too!) But couldnt bring myself to use it, so bought myself a Mont Blanc Miles Davis exclusive which I use green ink for my journal and private writings. But isnt that normal??

  • Roy William Herbert now Friar Joseph Peter ofm. ( retired)
    Written by Roy William Herbert now Friar Joseph Peter ofm. ( retired) on July 29, 2018

    Fellow pen lover's

    Alas my score topped 201 yes I am obsessed. I was given my first fountain pen
    by my grandmother when I was 9 years of age, as time passed my collection grew with age, I am 89 going on 90, have 5 journals on the go own two vintage pens along with two fine Parkers and a waterman also with one of your very nice pens.
    But I still find nothing more pleasing than writing on a fresh sheet of cream laid paper with my favourite pen. Yours with happy inky digits

    bro Joseph Peter ofm.

  • Written by NM on July 15, 2018

    158. Need a vintage pen and i haven't spilt any ink. Yet

  • Alexander Fyfe
    Written by Alexander Fyfe on June 25, 2018

    Oh dear, I just got the maximum score. No 1 in stationery acquisition. Oops.

  • Marian
    Written by Marian on June 14, 2018

    174, don't have swatches but loads of ink and cartridges and, and .......... OK obsessed. I admit it

  • Kelly
    Written by Kelly on June 8, 2018

    Whatever the total is minus 5 spilt ink except on my hands. Wow. Good questions though.

  • Written by Alan on May 14, 2018

    149 was the total. Oh so very nearly a obsessed pen obsessionist. Phew.

  • Roger Gowland
    Written by Roger Gowland on May 13, 2018

    I make it 167 - but I claim an honorary 15 more because I have two travel-size pencils; all my pens are full-size. I don't do social media so I'll never get those points and, NO, you cannot borrow one as they are all fountain pens and we don't use someone else's pen!

  • Ged Alangui
    Written by Ged Alangui on April 5, 2018

    Oh wow. I got over 150 points. This survey let me think over things. I gotta get them all organized and in a proper inventory. Teehee. Cheers everyone. ?

  • Fiona J
    Written by Fiona J on March 19, 2018

    WOW scored 98

  • Mark Biddle
    Written by Mark Biddle on March 4, 2018

    Scored 115 and proud... I love my amazing pen collection. A mix of Lamy, Cross and Parker.

  • Lindy
    Written by Lindy on February 2, 2018

    Oh dear, grandad's Parker pushed me over the edge - 150+

  • Veronica
    Written by Veronica on January 31, 2018

    159 WOW! Haven't tried calligraphy yet...but I am quite crazy about my pens and notebooks. They make me feel more creative, but at the same time, I have the feeling that my nice pens make me look more professional and someone that values quality.

  • Tracy
    Written by Tracy on January 31, 2018

    Oh my scored over 160... lol

  • Q
    Written by Q on January 27, 2018

    174! Haven't got round to making swatches yet and I need to obtain a vintage pen.

    Thanks for writing the blogs!

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