Spring Brights - Freshen up your Stationery this Spring

Spring is here and with the sun shining there is nothing like a flash of bold colour to lift your spirits. Staying on-trend this SS16, we proudly present, the spring brights: our finest colour palettes, full of vivid brights and milky pastel hues to give your stationery collection a fashionable makeover!

Purple - the colour of imagination

Spring Brights: Picture of two purple pens

The colour of imagination, Purple is the optimal choice for creatives who want to kick-start the mind and get the artistic juices flowing. The shade also stimulates the right side of the brain, with the essence of the colour relating to spirituality and vision.

Our Top Picks:

  • Worther Shorty Pencil
    A worthy contender (pardon the pun!) in the hottest shade of brilliant violet, the Shorty pencil is the quirky one of the bunch. It can be used on wood, metal, paper and plastic and has a hexagonal shape, making it practical, comfortable and a delight to look at. £7.00
  • Parker Urban Premium Purple Pearl Fountain Pen
    No pen collection is complete without a classic Parker. The iconic brand is the grandfather of pens and this fountain pen is based on a finish used for the Vacumatic in the 40s. It’s sandblasted finish with subtle engraving is bold, brave and the perfect addition to your stationery collection. £45.00

Yellow - the colour of communication

Spring Brights: Picture of two yellow pens

Appealing to the logical side of the human mind, yellow works well for the world’s networkers, helping to stimulate and bring some clarity to the brain, as well as sharpen your memory and concentration.

Our Top Picks:

  • Lamy Safari Yellow Fountain Pen
    The Lamy Safari was introduced in 1980. Initially intended for a younger audience, it has proven a popular choice amongst writers of all ages due to its sturdiness, reliability and ergonomic grip. £13.90
  • Platinum Plaisir Fountain Pen
    A modern gem in metallic yellow - reminiscent of the summer sun, this is the fountain pen of the future made from a Japanese design in fine aluminum with a stainless steel nib. The “slip-and-seal” mechanism protects the ink and the fine nib makes it a great choice for a fountain pen newbie. £9.46

Pink - the colour of love

Spring Brights: Picture of two pink pens

The pinnacle of delicate romance, pink represents compassion and love. If you’re sensing romance in the air or if you’re buying a gift for a loved one, this is the colour of choice. It’s also a sign of hope, is said to increase blood pressure and have calming effects on the mind.

Our Top Picks:

  • Graf von Faber Castell Tamitio Ballpoint Pen
    Stylish, eye-catching and elegant. This ballpoint pen has a matte lacquer Rose finish and ribbed barrel with an easy-to-use twist mechanism. The black ink is a welcome contrast to the feminine colour of the pen. A true collector’s item. £129.50
  • OHTO Tasche Petit Pink Ballpoint Pen
    It’s tiny, lightweight and delicate – the perfect pen to fit in any handbag. The OHTO ballpoint measures 78mm when not in use, with angular lines and a bright pink finish. Its slim design will appeal to those who appreciate true beauty. £8.99

Blue - the colour of peace

Spring Brights: Picture of two blue pens

A popular colour of choice in peaceful environments, blue has a calming effect on the psyche, soothes and relaxes, providing a sense of trust and strength. Depending on the different shade, it can also have underlying meanings – light blue represents health and tranquillity, whilst dark blue stands for knowledge and power.

Our Top Picks:

  • Waterman Perspective Azure Ballpoint Pen
    An example of utter beauty, the azure Waterman ballpoint was inspired by the cityscape architecture and has an angular style with engraved details and a shimmering chrome trim. It’s Serenity shade makes this a fashion staple. £75.00
  • Fisher Space Capacitive Ballpoint Pen with Stylus Grip
    A true adventurer and a technical gem in colour of the moment Snorkel Blue, this ballpoint pen is suitable for touchscreen devices, writes upside down, works underwater and even at temperatures of -30°C. £24.95

"There’s such a variety of options on the stationery market now, with a whole range of shades to suit every personality and mood. Black is obviously a great classic, but we’ve found that adding a bit of colour can make a real difference to your atmosphere and in some cases, your writing. Just as a piece of vibrant clothing or interior can alter your attitude, so can the stationery that you surround yourself with." - David Cole, Pen Heaven

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