A Guide to Rotring Mechanical Pencils

A Guide to Rotring Mechanical Pencils

A Guide to Rotring Mechanical Pencils

For the Rotring newbie it isn’t easy choosing a writing instrument from their large collection. They all look the same, and prices vary from the very affordable to the much more premium. The answer is in their different features. rotring-pencil-rangesA mechanical pencil needs to be just right for the purpose you have in mind so take a look at our handy comparison table below to see which will be your ideal Rotring mechanical pencil.


Push button lead mechanism


Full metal construction

Retractable writing tip mechanism

Capacitive screen stylus

Lead hardness indicator

Cushion lead mechanism

Matching ballpoint pen





Rapid Pro

Confused person with questions marks

What are these features? What do they do?

Push Button Lead Advancement

The internal mechanism to advance leads uses a push button. The push button should be held in if you want to push the lead back inside the pencil.


A pencil eraser hidden underneath the push button cap.

Full Metal Construction

A sturdy all metal construction provides durability.

Retractable Writing Tip Mechanism

With a simple twist the writing tip can be pulled into the pencil. Great for on-the-go and avoiding damage to an otherwise quite vulnerable part of the pencil.

Capacitive Screen Stylus

A touch screen stylus which works with capacitive (electric signal) touch screens. Most modern tech which uses touch screen uses capacitive technology.

Lead Hardness Indicator

A twist device on the end cap which shows which lead hardness is currently in your pencil. This is easy to change and handy for if you have multiple hardness’s being used at once.

Cushion Lead Mechanism

A mechanism with a slight bounce which helps prevent lead breakages and provides additional comfort when writing

Matching Ballpoint

Available from Pen Heaven as a ballpoint pen in the same range and colourways. Perfect for if you want a matching set.