Raiders of the Lost Refill

Logo Indiana with RefillsHere at Pen Heaven we handle questions on a daily basis regarding 'missing' refills and fitting the initial refill. It's something that a lot of people struggle with. So whether you're returning to pens after a long break, have chosen something different or you've just got a little stuck; you're not alone. We've created this step by step guide to some of the most common problems our customers experience; finding and fitting your refill and some things to look for if its just not working...

I can't find my refill. Where is it?

When purchasing a fountain or rollerball pen, it is important to note that whilst the pens will come with an initial refill, most will be supplied separate to the pen barrel. This is becasue the ink is water based and prone to drying.It's best to look all through the box to locate yours.Below we've highlighted where you should be able to find each refill:

Parker - Jotter, IM or Urban - Fountain or Rollerball

Finding your refill: Lift out cardboard inlay

Finding your refill:Turn inlay over

Finding your refill:Refill can be found in cardboard channel

(1)Lift out the cardboard insertyour pen was sitting on

(2)Turn over the cardboard insert

(3)Refill can be found in one ofthe cardboard channels on theunderside of the insert

Cross - Fountain

Finding your refill: Lift out cardboard insert

Finding your refill: You'll find an envelope

Finding your refill: Refills are inside

(1)Lift out the cardboard insertyour pen was sitting on

(2)You'll find a Cross brandedenvelope

(3)This envelope will containyour cartridges

Coles, Kaweco, Laban or Platinum Plaisir - Fountain

Finding your refill: Hold barrel, opening downwards

Finding your refill: Tap firmly on flat surface

Finding your refill: Dislodge cartridge

(1)Hold pen barrel, with openingdownwards

(2)Tap the barrel firmly onto ahard flat surface

(3)This should dislodge thecartridge

All Other Brands - Fountain or Rollerball*

*Where refill is provided separate

Finding your refill: Lift out cardboard insert

Finding your refill: Lift out leaflets

Finding your refill: Refill in bottom of box

(1)Lift out the cardboard insertyour pen was sitting on

(2)Lift out any leaflets

(3)The refill will be in thebottom of the box

If you do not manage to locate you refill in the place indicated for your pen, please contact our customer support team whom will be happy to help.

I've located my refill, but I'm not sure how to fit it?

We encounter this problem on a regular basis, so please don't be embarrassed. Best to get it right instead of scratching your head.

First, we have to ask, have you found where the wring point will be?
If you have found this:Fountain pen nib or this: Rollerball writing point then please move on to fitting your refill.

If you have found this: Pen opened wrongly please follow these steps...

(1)Close the pen so it is as it was
when you received it

(2)Placing one hand on the cap (the part with the clip)
and one hand on the barrel, pull your hands
away from each other.
New pens are quite stiff so put some welly into it.

Close pen

Pull apart

Now to fit your refill.


All rollerballs are essentially the same when it comes to fitting the refill. The refill will be a long metal tube with a plastic cap protecting the writing point. Sometimes there is a plastic piece on the other end, but this should NEVER be removed.

(1)Separate the pen barrel and grip section by unscrewing

Fitting your refill: Unscrew to seaparate

Fitting your refill: Only remove cap

(2)The refill is a metal tube featuring one or two plastic ends. If the cap has two, remove the long plastic cap ONLY

(3)Place the writing point through the hole in the grip section

Fitting your refill: Insert refill into grip

Fitting your refill: Slide barrel over refill

(4)Slide the barrel over the refill

(5)Screw the barrel and grip tightly together. New pens can be quite stiff and will require more force than you may think you need

Fitting your refill: Screw together

Fountain Pens

(1)Identify which end of the ink cartridge should be inserted into the nib section. This differs from brand to brand so we've outlined the most common in the picture below.

Ink cartridge guide

Fitting your refill: Insert cartridge into feed

(2)Holding the nib section, insert the correct end
of the ink cartridge onto the feed. The feed is
the bit of plastic that will pierce the ink cartridge
and create an ink flow.

(3)Place the bottom of the ink cartridge on a hard flat surface
and push down with the grip section. This ensures that the
cartridge and feed are properly connected and the
cartridge has been fully pierced. Some brands of ink
cartridges require more force than others.

Fitting your refill: Push down onto hard flat surface

Fitting your refill: Place barrel over cartridge

(4)Slide barrel over the ink cartridge.

(5)Screw the barrel and grip tightly together. New pens can be
quite stiff and will require more force than you may
think you need.

Fitting your refill: Screw together

Help! This refill doesn't work with my pen!

If the refill came with the pen or was recommended by Pen Heaven as compatible, there's no reason why the refill should not work. If you've purchased the refill separately, it's best to check this is the correct one for your pen.

We've outlined the most common problems we encounter with refills not working.

Parker Rollerball

Parker Rollerball refills are a metal tube with two plastic ends. To use this in your pen, only the long plastic cap should be removed. If you remove both pieces of plastic, the refill will be too short for the barrel and will not hold itself in place when you try to write.
Parker Rollerball Refills - How to use
If you've removed both and thrown them away, then unfortunately you'll have to start again by buying a new refill!

Cross Ballpoint

Cross have a unique ballpoint refill. It has to be screwed firmly into place inside the barrel to ensure that the pen mechanism can have effect on it.

Pull off cap

Twist bevelled plastic

(1)Remove the section of the pen which has the clip attached. Do this by pulling away from the rest of the pen.

(2)This will show a metal tube with the refill inside.
Most likely all you will see is a bit of bevelled
plastic. Ensuring to hold the lower barrel firmly,
twist the refill/ bevelled plastic clockwise until
formly in position.

Twist metal tube

Place cap back onto pen

(3)Extend the writing point by twisting the metal tube which houses the refill.

(4)With the writing point extended, replace the cap section. Doing so with writing point extended ensures a snug fit
and no gaps in the pen body.

If you are still unable to fit your refill, please contact us and we'll be happy to help!

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  • Vikram
    Written by Vikram on April 19, 2018

    I have two Parker Rollerballs one is Vector and the other one is Frontier. The regular Parker Rollerball refill fits perfect on Vector, but on frontier the plastic cap on the back has to be cut, otherwise it exerts extra pressure on the plastic grip and it eventually gets cracked over a period of time. Has any one else noticed this?

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