Our Stationery Obsessed Friends

Our Stationery Obsessed Friends

Our Stationery Obsessed Friends

Recently we asked our customers just how stationery obsessed they were through our quiz. The higher their score the more stationery obsessed they were.
Our Stationery Obsessed Friends - How Stationery Obsessed Are You?
We found out that all of you are a bit stationery crazy with a whopping average score of 138 out of 197!!

We selected a few of our highest scorers and asked them more about their stationery habits. Let’s meet the stationery nuts:

Alejandro (@mchpncl)

Score: 169

Amanda Fleet (@amanda_fleet1)

Score: 197

Declan W (@gastrowandering)

Score: 156

Rhonda Eudaly

Score: 184

Angela Milnes (The Inspiration Edit)

Score: 141

Where does your stationery obsession come from?

“I love mechanical pencils. I study architecture so they help with my day to day work, but my whole love of stationery spans from there and the rugged industrial designs of some writing instruments” - Alejandro

Our Stationery Obsessed Friends - @mchpncl's collection

“I am known for having terrible handwriting and have tried many ways to improve it. I found that if what I wrote with made a difference, so while I was at school I had several parker vectors as I kept losing them which carried me through school and my A levels. After my A levels I started a job that required me to write near constantly as it was only little things I stuck with the biro’s provided by work for six months then I got the kaweco and it was like having an old friend back and my collection has grown from there.” – Declan W

“I have a “Chicken/Egg” quandary about where my stationary obsession started. I’m an only child and for a while was short on neighbours (and way pre-internet) – so I read a lot, played a lot, and started coming up with stories. I decided at ten years old to be a writer. But up till then, I still loved notebooks and paper and pens and markers and all things stationery. So, I’ve never been able to pinpoint if my love of all things stationery came from my desire to write stories or if the writing led to the need and love of stationery.” – Rhonda Eudaly


What was the first proper pen you ever bought? Do you still have it now?


“I had to use a fountain pen at school and one of my favourites was a gold-nibbed Osmiroid. I still have it but the barrel is cracked and it leaks, but I loved that pen.” – Amanda Fleet

“My first proper pen would have to be a Parker pen which I bought when I was at University. I loved to use it for note writing in lectures. I no longer have it. It's been years and I'm not sure what happened to it.” – Angela Milnes

“A kaweco sport in black was the first one I bought and is a pen that I still use fairly regularly.” – Declan W

Roughly how much do you spend on stationery products a year?


“I wouldn't have a clue how much I spend on stationery but I always pop something in my trolley when we visit the supermarket and then get extra special items on special occasions.” – Angela Milnes

“Too much, depending on who you ask I’d say probably around £1,500 but I have only been into the hobby seriously for about a year so I cannot see this year being that much as I’ve got more than enough ink to see me through.” – Declan W


What is your favourite item in your collection? Why?

Our Stationery Obsessed Friends - Rhonda Eudaly's pen collection

“My Rotring 600 Mechanical Pencil. It’s perfect for my work and has a great look and feel” – Alejandro

“Either the Conklin Duragraph or the Rosetta Mosaic fountain pens, combined with one of the JHerbin sparkly inks. I have 1.1mm stub nibs in each of those and really love the way the stub nib makes me look like I can write neatly! The shimmery inks just add another depth.” – Amanda Fleet

"My favourite…is my Pilot Vanishing Point. I don’t carry it often because it’s expensive and I don’t want to lose it or have it stolen. But it’s always been the one that I looked forward to being able to buy, it’s well built and beautiful and I have a great love for quality fountain pens. I finally got it after YEARS of non-justification because it’s THE name/thing in retractable fountain pens.” – Rhonda Eudaly


If you could buy any pen or other stationery item what would it be and why?


“Ooh. Tough one. I mean, I don't really NEED any more stationery, if I'm being honest. I have a ton of pens, more ink than I'll probably use in my lifetime and more notebooks than I know what to do with. Though, that doesn't seem to stop me buying more... I do hanker after a Visconti…” – Amanda Fleet

“If I could buy any pen or stationery item it would have to be a large Amalfi Leather Diary with my name engraved on it. I had one of these previously but it sadly got damaged and I absolutely loved it. Pen wise I would get the Cross Townsend Year of the Dog Special Edition Ballpoint Pen. I love dogs and it's such a gorgeous black and gold pen, I'd love to have this for 2018.” – Angela Milnes

“It’s cheesy and cliché, but someday I do want a Mont Blanc – maybe even on of the signature ones. That was always the “Kid Dream” of “When I’m a Big Time Writer, I’ll get a Mont Blanc because that’s what all the Big Time Writers use”. Now, I know that’s not necessarily true, but my Inner Ten-Year-Old is going to get her Mont Blanc one day. Not sure when that will be, but it’ll happen eventually.” – Rhonda Eudaly

“A Visconti Homo Sapiens or a Namiki Raden Capless Fountain Pen…they are both…pens that I have looked at and keep going back to when I’m looking to place orders online.” – Declan W

“I’d love a Rotring 600 Fountain Pen with a gold nib or perhaps a Mont Blanc 149.” - Alejandro

Why not tell us all about where your stationery addiction stems from... we'd love to hear your story!