Handcrafted: Stamford Notebooks

Handcrafted: Stamford Notebooks

Handcrafted: Stamford Notebooks

You might not have an insatiable yearning to write the Great American Novel, but there are few people who can resist the call of their own beautiful leather journal. Used as a diary, to jot down your dreams, or as a record of your travels, a well-made, well-worn journal is one of life’s truly precious objects. The perfect gift for yourself or a loved one, a brand new journal is the ultimate symbol of a fresh start.

The Stamford Notebook Company have been creating traditional, hand-bound journals since the 1950s. Using the highest quality paper, thread and ink, their craftsmen use centuries-old techniques - paired with modern technology - to produce fine notebooks for writing and drawing.

How They’re Made

Each Stamford leather journal is put together with care, precision and the finest materials.

" We take pride in producing an authentic traditional handmade product,
ready to be taken on life’s adventures."
- Stamford Notebook Co

High-Quality Leather

To begin, sturdy spanish bovine leather is vegetable tanned, which is more environmentally friendly than other curing processes. This leather is then cut and coloured in house using acrylic-based dyes.

As they have full-control over their production process, Stamford regularly experiments to find the best possible combination of leather and dyes, for a finish that is as durable as it is beautiful.

"We are always looking at new techniques and ways we can improve our products. As we make everything in house, we can experiment with leathers and dyes to find out what works best!"

- Stamford Notebook Co

Handcrafted: Stamford Notebook Co - Hand dying leather

Handcrafted: Stamford Notebook Co - Polishing Handcrafted: Stamford Notebook Co - Paper Inserts

Detailed Construction

Once the dye is fixed, the journals are pieced together using exquisite British-made paper, alongside high quality ink and thread.

One of the few remaining truly artisanal bookbinders in Britain, Stamford pairs craftsmanship with technology to ensure every stitch is perfect.

Handcrafted: Stamford Notebook Co - Hand Hammering Handcrafted: Stamford Notebook Co - Closing

Final Touches

All journals are finished with a wax and polish, so they dazzle straight out of the box.

For a personal touch, Stamford notebooks are suitable for embossing. Add your monogram or a date to mark an occasion to remember.

Your New Favourite Notebook

Each journal has its own distinctive personality. The Traveller is embossed with the Stamford name, and finished with a beautiful handmade button and a hand-cut and dyed leather thong. Insider tip: it also comes in a pocket version.

The Burghley features a hand-punched popper, giving it a clean and timeless silhouette that will take you from the office to the terrace.

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