When Size Matters: A guide to Pelikan pen sizes

When Size Matters: A guide to Pelikan pen sizes

When Size Matters: A guide to Pelikan pen sizes

Pelikan creates beautiful pens from hand turned resin with dedicated craftsmanship and subtle details which make each writing instrument an individual work of art.

When Size Matters: Pelikan Toledo - Manufacture

Pelikan uses letters and numbers to distinguish their pens writing types and sizes across ranges. This makes it hard to know what pen will be right for you without a lot of extra research.
To help the Pelikan newcomer, we’ve tried to get down to the core of the issue and show the Pelikan ranges in all their glory.

Writing Type

The letter in each pen’s name denotes the writing type. These are fairly easy to decipher as they are generally the first letter of the German name for that writing type.

M – Piston filling fountain pen

P – Cartridge / converter fountain pen
(Patrone - meaning cartridge)

R – Rollerball pen
(Technically also Kugelschreiber like ballpoint in German so known as Rollerball to differentiate)

K – Ballpoint Pen

D – Mechanical Pencil

When Size Matters: Pelikan Souverän 600 writing types

Pen Sizing

Fountain Pens

Generally speaking, in each range the larger the number, the larger the pen itself. For example, the Souverän M1000 is Pelikan’s largest Souverän pen at a whopping 177mm long when the cap is posted! However, if you try and compare range to range it gets a bit more complicated. Across the ranges many fountain pens have been made to reflect the size of a pen in the Souverän range, but have been named differently. The image below shows the relative sizes of each Pelikan fountain pen to one another with their range name and number listed above. When Size Matters: A comparison of pen sizes
Pelikan Fountain Pen Range Length (Posted) Length (Closed) Diameter
Souverän M300 133mm 110mm 9.9mm
Souverän M400 148mm 127mm 11.7mm
Toledo M700 148mm 127mm 11.7mm
Classic M200 148mm 125mm 11.9mm
Classic Special Edition M120 154mm 130mm 11.9mm
Souverän M600 154mm 134mm 12.4mm
Pura P40 155mm 140mm 12mm
Toledo M900 165mm 142mm 13.1mm
Souverän M800 169mm 142mm 13.1mm
Souverän M1000 177mm 147mm 14.1mm

Pelikan rollerball pens follow the same conventions as their fountain pens and will match up size wise to the fountain pens when closed.

Ballpoints & Pencils

Pelikan ballpoint pens and mechanical pencils vary in both size and mechanism type. Overall their range sizes match the fountain and rollerballs, but the mechanism type distorts the sizings of some ranges, meaning they don’t match properly with the fountain/rollerballs.

When Size Matters: Classic K200 v Souverän K600
Pelikan Pen Range Mechanism Body Length Overall length with mechanism Diameter
Souverän 300 Twist 110mm 110mm 10.5mm
Souverän 400 Click 124mm 134mm 11mm
Classic 200 Click 125mm 134.5mm 11mm
Souverän 600 Twist 127mm 127mm 11.7mm
Pura 40 Twist 137mm 137mm 12mm
Souverän 800 Twist 139mm 139mm 12.7mm

The extended click mechanism on the Classic K200 and Souverän K400, make their overall length larger than they should be for their range size, whilst their body size stays in line with their range.

But which pen is best for me?

It’s all very well listing sizes to you, but what you really want to know is how which size of pen will suit you. Here’s a quick run down:

300 – A pocket size pen. Perfect for putting in a pocket or bag and ideal for travelling.

200, 400, 700 – An average size pen in diameter, but a little shorter than usual. Great for most people, but especially those with smaller hands.

120, 600, 40 – A standard size pen. Ideal for everyone.

800, 900 – A chunky pen. Generally suited to larger hands, but due to lightweight construction doesn’t feel too heavy and could be used by anyone.

1000 – A distinctly oversize pen. Suits large hands.

When Size Matters: Pelikan Souverän Fountain Pen Sizes