• Notes on Great Note-Taking

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    Note taking is a vital life skill most of use throughout our lives, from school to university and work. Perhaps you have fond memories of brightly coloured highlighters, or not so fond ones of scribbling the few discernible words you could gather from your
    professor. Either way, notes are an essential tool in helping us make sense of the information we are presented with, which we can then remember at a later date. Good notes make utter sense when you return to them, with enough impact to be memorable.…
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  • Staying Organised and On Top of your ‘To Do’ List

     With the whole world ‘ON’ all of the time it can be very difficult to remain fully focused each day. So that you accomplish the things that you really want to achieve, rather than getting waylaid by all the inevitable interruptions that occur,
    here are some tips to help you: DECIDE: WHAT DO YOU WANT TO ACHIEVE TODAY? First and foremost, so that we can be on top of our ‘To Do’ list, we need to plan our day in advance. We need to DECIDE, what we need to get done in a day and what we want…
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