For the Love of Fountain Pens

Fountain pens have been experiencing a revival in recent years. There’s so many reasons for this, but mostly it’s attributed to people wanting to break away from the sometimes oppressive nature of our digital world. To get back to basics with pen and paper. The nature of the fountain pen lends itself perfectly to this; the history and grandeur, the idealised notion of a handwritten message, the feel of the nib gliding across the paper.

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We’ve highlighted our reasons why fountain pens are fab before, but we thought it was time to ask why you love a fountain pen. We sent out a call on social media to find out what makes the fountain pen so desirable. We got back so many great answers that we couldn’t share them all, but we’ve created this post to show the fountain pen love.


Several of our customers poked fun at themselves and their handwriting; admitting theirs is pretty shocking, but saying that a fountain pen improves their handwriting.

“While each pen is unique they all provide such a wonderfully smooth writing experience that allows my writing to not only be readable, which is a miracle in itself, but also allows me to maintain that same standard no matter how long I write for.”

“I love using a fountain pen, it actually makes my handwriting so much better, because I take more time. I also think it's lovely to receive a letter that has been written with a fountain pen, it just makes it that bit more special.”

Some of you said fountain pens are easier to write with than other writing types.

“They have allowed me to continue writing following an injury. Ball pens were too painful, you have to use pressure. Fountain pens just flow.”

“I love the way the ink flows and how easy it is to write!!!”


You highlighted that there are so many options for fountain pens. You can choose a sturdy stainless steel nib or a flexible gold nib. You can choose a nib cut and width to suit your writing style and size. You can choose from the amazing plethora of ink colours available.


“It allows me to write with the colour and line width that suits me”

“Because everything about fountain pens is beautiful: the nib options, the inks, and of course the pens”

“I love the fun of seeing how different colours of ink look in different nibs!”


Many of you said that your love of fountain pens comes from a very personal place; the way it makes you feel to write with one and how expressive they can be.

“I take pride in my writing and I find fountain pens let me focus on my words and flow of the sentence. Fountain pens have requirements they expect from the writer. First you must hold the pen correctly and apply the right amount of pressure. When you become familiar with a pen you know exactly how it needs to be handled to perform perfectly. The second requirement is the paper the pen will write on. All paper is not created equal and your pen will show you that right off. After these requirements are met the pen will do marvellous things for you in an array of different colours, far more than any ballpoint could dream. So you see writing with a fountain pen isn't like writing with just any other stick. It has to be treated with the respect it deserves and that is what makes fountain pens special and why I love to use them.”


“Asking why I love fountain pens is a bigger question then it seems. Although my love is relatively new, I love them because they are a handheld marvel that is capable of a tremendous amount. As a designer and one who enjoys writing, a fountain pen offers a means to express myself more directly. I'm not one to type as much so a pen is what I connect to the most. A fountain pen specifically because it's connection to paper is unparalleled. The way it writes, the flow of ink and the feeling it gives me as a drawing is drawn or words are written are even more visceral than any other utensil... But that’s just me...”

For some it’s the connection to the people who gave them their stationery addiction.

“I use a pen in my everyday work. It is so much better (IMHO) to use a nice pen rather than a low cost ball pen. It is one small thing that allows me to differentiate myself. I use my father's and grandfather's fountain pens and it’s lovely to know that my hand and fingers are where theirs were.”

“[They] remind me of my late dad who, although he was a lefty, always used a fountain pen and had beautiful hand writing.”


Some of you love the historical connection of a fountain pen and the traditional ways.


“I love a fountain pens because with one the love letters, songs, and poems look better. It is like traveling in time to when the great writers wrote by candlelight, inspired by love and passions. It is simply a journey into the past.”

“I love the traditional way of writing. Old school calligraphy on a lovely piece of paper.”

And for many of you, the reasons comes down to getting away from your screen, and taking time for yourself or reconnecting with loved ones.

“In a world where everything is tappy tap on a board or screen, it brings us back to basics when ink finds the paper. Reality.”

“I love a fountain pen because it makes writing a pleasure and therefore writing letters becomes a joy. In a world of texting and emails a hand written letter shows care has been taken.”

“Why do I love a good fountain pen? Well, it's partly because it allows me to put down my thoughts there and then. Those fleeting ideas that would otherwise slip away to become nothing more than just out of reach memories. It's because a good fountain pen allows me to express my feelings towards another person whether it be on a greeting card or in a personal letter and it's permanent. I also love a good fountain pen purely for the sheer pleasure of writing.”


Tell us, why do you love fountain pens?

2 thoughts on “For the Love of Fountain Pens”

  • Debi Humphrey
    Written by Debi Humphrey on March 5, 2018

    I was first drawn to fountain pens because of the pretty inks I was seeing online. I just happened across them somehow. Since then, I have found that a good fountain pen is pure joy to write with. Feeling the nib on the paper, seeing the ink creating letters, the whole experience is more personal and tactile than just typing on a laptop. The feel of the nib on nice paper makes me want to keep writing and writing. And this has helped me to work on my writing. I have to slow down to write with a pen, and it lets me think about how to form the sentence and use words I might not have even thought of using when typing. So my writing style and vocabulary have improved. Not to mention my handwriting! That has improved too. I actually came up with a new style of writing that suits fountain pens and my personal style.

  • Benedict Quinton
    Written by Benedict Quinton on November 16, 2017

    I love fountain pens because they improve your handwriting and help your posture

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