Journal v Diary

Journal v Diary

Journal v Diary

Both diaries and journals are great for being organised and keeping a log of what’s happened in your life, but they work in very different ways. We’ve outlined the key features of each and how they can work, so you can decide which will be best for keeping you on track whatever your goals.  


A journal is essentially a notebook. It can have any paper type; plain, lined, dotted, squared, etc; and gives the flexibility to work through how you like. You can write reams on a specific day or activity or mood you are in or just quick notes to keep track of up-coming appointments. You can really make a journal your own and use it in a very personal way. Use it to chronicle a day’s events in details, instead of just as an appointment log like a diary. As journals do not have a set structure you have the option to use it as a planner, a daily log, a fitness tracker, a to-do list, a diary or really anything you can think of.

BEST FOR: Those who want to be able to use the one book to plan and remember all different aspects of their life. Also great for those who want to express their feelings and relieve stress or anxiety.


Leuchtturm1917 Bullet Journal

The Bullet Journal features dot grid paper which allows you to structure each page as you like, but provides a guide to keep pages neat. The BuJo system encourages quick brief notes so you’ll never have an excuse for not having time to plan.

Leuchtturm1917 Bullet Journal and Pens Lifestyle

Roma Large Refillable Leather Journal

Made in Italy, the smooth leather cover features an elastic closure strap to secure any stray notes in place. Available with plain or lined paper refills, you can switch it up whenever you like. Get the gorgeous leather cover embossed and have a personalised journal that will last and last for years to come.

Bomo Art Square Half Leather Bound Journal

These beautiful journals feature a leather bound spine and spectacular vintage design paper covers. The square size is great for on the go and the plain paper allows for you to get creative with doodles and sketches. Hand finished using traditional techniques all the Bomo Art journals are both stylish and practical. bomo-square-group-300


Diary filled with Appointments Lifestyle

Diaries have a more structured format than journals. Available in a range of page layouts, a diary uses the specific date to organise your thoughts and to do’s. Some diaries also contain additional space for notes or structure the page further through appointment slots for the very busy.

Popular layouts include:

Day to Page: One day/date on one page of the journal. This format often includes appointment slots.

Week to View: One week across a two page spread. Most commonly with days running vertically down one page then the next, but sometimes also available with the days running horizontally and a long thin column for each day.

Week to View with Notes: One week presented vertically across one page with an adjacent note page for any extra information.

BEST FOR:Those who have a very busy schedule, which needs careful planning. Also great for looking back to check when a specific event occurred.


Leuchtturm1917 Medium 2018 Diary - Weekly Planner & Notebook

A perfect size for at work or on-the-go, this diary is lightweight, but still has loads of space for planning. With the week running down one page and a note page on the other, each two page spread has all you need to keep planned for the week ahead. amalfi-refillable-small-hero_2_1

Amalfi Small Refillable Leather Diary

Despite its diminutive size, the Amalfi Small Refillable Leather Diary fills all your diary needs. The day-to-page layout gives plenty of space for everything you could need to write down, whilst the extra soft calf’s skin leather cover gives a premium look and feel.

Letts Connoisseur Quarto 2018 Diary - Week to View with Appointments

Super size your diary with the Letts Quarto; almost A4 but more square, providing more width to write across for each line. Featuring a grained leatherette cover and gilt metal corners, it’s tough, practical but exceptionally professional and stylish. Available in a horizontal week to view layout with appointment slots on each day.

Filofax Saffiano Compact Zip Organiser

Endlessly adaptable you can fill the Filofax Saffiano with any diary format which you can find in the compatible refills. Provided with a week to view and with plenty of extra like notepaper and year planners available too; this is the king of diaries, suitable for all occasions. The Compact size and zip closure also make it a great little wallet. Filofax Saffiano Compact Zip Organiser Lifestyle

Whichever you choose, the use of a journal or diary can help you stay motivated through the year, helping you achieve your goals.