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  • Brighten your day with Coloured Fountain Pen Inks

    There’s a norm when it comes to pen ink. The same drab and dreary blacks and blues day after day. Every now and again at Pen Heaven we get bored of this and we think wouldn’t it be lovely if everyone would be a bit more adventurous, especially as
    there is such a range of beautifully coloured fountain pen inks available. Not only do we strongly believe that the colour of ink you choose can affect the tone and meaning of your writing, but we also think the world could use a little more colour.…
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  • Fountain Pen Ink Colour Comparison

    When it comes to writing we can all be rather particular about the ink we use and the colour is a key part of this. Maybe you like a bright blue. Maybe you need black for work and it needs to be truly black, not some wishy washy grey. Fountain pen inks
    come in such a range of colours and the manufacturers generally name them all with non-descript titles that give no indication of what you’re really getting. We here at Pen Heaven decided enough was enough. So our ink colour comparison was born.…
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