Why it's important, the art of handwriting and more.
  • Pen Heaven launches Handwriting Matters campaign

    Putting pen to paper is a personal act thought to boost both creativity and memory. But with so many people choosing to use electronic devices to take notes and send messages, it seems writing by hand is at risk of becoming extinct. This is why Pen Heaven
    is launching a new campaign called "Handwriting Matters", calling on people to take a moment to put away their smartphone, laptop or tablet and write by hand instead. Here at Pen Heaven, we believe there is nothing more wonderful than using a pen…
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  • On a Positive Note...It Never Hurts to Say Thankyou

    There isn’t a nicer way to say thank you than to send a handwritten thank you note. Taking the time to handwrite a letter, seal it in an envelope, buy a stamp and then take a trip to the postbox expresses so much more gratitude than sending an email
    or text ever could. It tells the recipient that they’ve not been forgotten and shows them just how important they are to you.  Handwritten notes also have some permanence. Many of us decide to keep an old shoe box over the years and fill it will…
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  • Has the UK Lost its Inner Bridget Jones?

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    For some the ritual of writing in a diary is as common place as getting dressed in the mornings or singing carols at Christmas, but has the UK lost its love affair with writing in a diary? With the preponderance of Twitter, blogs, vlogs, smart-phones et
    al, have we simply forgotten the value of the Diary? Pen Heaven Survey Results: Does the UK still keep a Diary? We surveyed 500 people from across United Kingdom, to find out their diary writing habits, and the outcome was a shock to all.    Men…
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  • Interview with Alison Carmichael - Handlettering Artist

    There's a Good Girl Exhibition Piece The art of handlettering is still alive and well. In fact, it has been going through a bit of a resurgence following the prepoderance of digital typography. Even the big brands are approaching the handlettering artist
    to bring more personality and warmth to their branding. We have been following this trend for a while, and have discovered a wonderful artist called Alison Carmichael who we were very lucky to interview about her work and career. Alison has been…
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  • Writing to Combat Anxiety

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    Anxiety can develop out of many smaller concerns until they have a cumulative affect and become a long-lasting problem. The weight of this problem can seem insurmountable and hinder your ability to recover, but writing can be an effective way of organising
    your thoughts and disrupting patterns of negative thinking. There are many ways you can do this, one of the most common being to keep a journal. Simply setting aside a few minutes a day to collect yourself and note your progress can help fight…
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  • The Election Candidates Exposed – Their Handwriting Reveals All

    As the party manifestos come out, we would like to know what is really going through the leader’s minds. For the first time they have nowhere to hide as we have their hand writing analysed, helping you see the person behind the decisions! We asked
    two expert graphologists, Elaine Quigley and Diane Simpson, for their analysis of the four main candidates; David Cameron, Ed Milliband, Nick Clegg and Nigel Farage. The results are not always what you might expect, and we would like to think it may…
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  • Top 5 Reasons to Use a Fountain Pen

    For most of us our experience of fountain pens goes back to school days, with ink stained hands and smudged writing. At Pen Heaven we suspect most of us have since gravitated towards a ballpoint pen, and haven’t looked back. But in response to the digital
    age, there has been a trend towards the traditional craft of handwriting and the fountain pen. ‘Now that handwriting is a choice, not a chore, and there is a premium on the unique rather than the infinitely reproducible, people are beginning…
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  • Love Poetry: How to Write Haikus

    Poetry and Valentine’s Day go hand in hand. What better way to express all of your passion and romance than to write a poem for a loved one? Rather than giving in to a Hallmark card, get creative and write a Valentine’s Day haiku. Few forms can boast
    the potency and succinctness of haikus. We look at what they are exactly and how to go about writing one. A Haiku Is… Haikus slowly evolved from other forms of Japanese poetry, stemming as far back as the 1100s. At this time, short form poetry…
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  • Letters Still Have A Place in Our Hearts

    “News and gossip, the sticks and straws out of which the old letter writer made his nest, have been snatched away. The wireless and the telephone have intervened” – Virginia Woolfe Fears of new media leaving traditional practices by the wayside
    have been a long debated topic, particularly when it comes to how we communicate with one-another. As you can see, Virginia Woolfe expressed concerns that the likes of the telephone looked to do-away with putting pen to paper. We hear many arguments…
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  • How to Write a Diary

    Keeping a diary or journal is an ancient tradition dating back to 10th century Japan, and has been common practice for many acclaimed creative individuals. Oscar Wilde, the 19th century playwright and novelist, once said: “I never travel without
    my diary. One should always have something sensational to read on the train”. It seems Wilde was wise, as there is increasing evidence suggesting that keeping a diary has a positive impact on your well-being. From reflecting on emotions to kicking…
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