Handcrafted: Bomo Art

Handcrafted: Bomo Art

Handcrafted: Bomo Art

In our digital age, we strive for a simpler life. We yearn for the old ways and value the skills of previous generations and trained craftsman. We appreciate those who use their expertise to create.

Through ‘handcrafted’, we aim to celebrate some of our smaller suppliers. Those who have been following time tested traditions and methods to create some of the individual and unique pieces we stock. In this series of blogs, we’ll focus on a brand per blog to highlight their manufacturing processes. Showing you how the traditional methods used have created the stunning pieces that reach our shelves.

In Part 2, we look at Bomo Art, manufacturers of beautiful screen printed paper, which cover their range of hand bound journals, diaries, recipe books and more. Based in Budapest, Hungary, their love of paper is evident in everything they create.

Bomo Art

One of the newest brands to our collection, Bomo Art create gorgeous handcrafted journals. Using traditional binding and printing techniques, the Hungarian brand creates truly unique and bespoke pieces.

Bomo Art Half Bound Leather Journals

Bomo Art Wrapping Paper Designs Each of the 40 different cover designs were designed and created by Hungarian graphic designer, Éva Hollósi or by Bomo Art’s owner, Károly Boldizsár.

The original designs are scanned then kept on file for safe keeping. When a design is needed it is printed using a technique called offset printing, where the design goes onto an intermediary roller in ink and is then printed onto the paper. These papers are then sold by Bomo Art as wrapping paper or used to cover their stunning journals.

Traditional Book-Binding

Bomo Art's Viennese Guillotine

Their half-bound leather journals start life as genuine leather; coloured into one of 10 gorgeous shades; and the pre-printed patterned paper. The leather and paper are then cut to size, using a number of manual tools and traditional machines, including plate shears and a Viennese guillotine.

A ‘book block’ (a bound paper insert) is crafted to form the inside of the journal. Using a technique called ‘over sewing’ to bind the book block together along one edge, Bomo Art ensures a sturdy and durable finish. The book blocks are hand stitched with ivory string and feature premium watermarked paper for a superior writing experience. The cover materials are then fixed to the board which gives the cover its hard nature. This helps ensure an extra level of durability to your Bomo Art journal.

Leather Covers ready for binding The leather is thinned (known as ‘skiving’) in areas that need to be flexible or have to be bent. This also provides a sleeker finish as there will not be bulges where the leather has been folded around the spine.

The spine, finished boards and book block are placed into a book press to hold them securely whilst the spine and covered boards are attached together. The leather is applied around the spine and rubbed with a ‘bone folder’ and finishing cloth to create a tight and defined finished spine.

Fully assembled leather journals

Some fully assembled journals being removed from the book press.

Bomo Art Logo Plate

A metal plate used to emboss Bomo Art's Logo on finished journals.

Finally, the book block is glued to the cover and the Bomo Art logo embossed on the leather spine. Your new Bomo Art Half Bound Leather Journal is complete.

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