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  • For the Love of Fountain Pens

    Fountain pens have been experiencing a revival in recent years. There’s so many reasons for this, but mostly it’s attributed to people wanting to break away from the sometimes oppressive nature of our digital world. To get back to basics with pen and
    paper. The nature of the fountain pen lends itself perfectly to this; the history and grandeur, the idealised notion of a handwritten message, the feel of the nib gliding across the paper. We’ve highlighted our reasons why fountain pens are fab…
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  • Pens for New Writers

    The new school year is just around the corner and we’re sure you’re thinking about the important back to school stationery collection, excitedly wondering about new classes and perhaps worrying about your (*cough*… appalling) handwriting. Handwriting
    is so important, yet many people struggle. Problems ranging from poor finger placement and incorrect writing angle to serious medical issues can hinder writing ability. Whether you’re picking up your first pen in a while or buying a pen for…
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  • Father's Day Favourites

    Struggling with what to buy this Father's Day? With father's day just around the corner, and dads being invariably awkward to buy for, here at Pen Heaven we've put our heads together and tried to come up with the best gift's for whatever sort of man
    your dad is. The Outdoors Man This man loves to be out in the wilderness. He loves to hike, bike and camp his way across the countryside. Natural finishes and colours reminiscent of nature are the way to this man's heart. Featuring: 1. Lamy Accent…
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  • Back to Black

    Amidst the furore of seasonal brights, Pen Heaven present their jet black writing essentials to inject some dark and mysterious charm into your daily life. Classic and versatile, black exudes sophistication and complements any look. A staple colour for all seasons,
    and a must-have for pen addicts and stationery aficionados, the midnight shade most definitely should not be limited to your ink! Available in a selection of finishes from matt to metal, read on for our pick of magical noir pen necessities… Parker…
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  • Fountain Pen Nib Width Comparison

    Picking fountain pens can be confusing. Selecting the correct fountain pen nib width for your preference and style of hand writing even more so. What makes it even more confusing is that there is no standard. Nib widths and the corresponding width of the
    writing line vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and even across continents. As a rule of thumb nibs made in the Asia will have a finer writing point than American made nibs which in turn will have a finer writing point than nibs made in Europe. If…
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  • How to use a fountain pen converter

    Learning to use a fountain pen converter can be one of the most rewarding writing experiences that one can have. A new realm of possibilities is opened to the user through the availability of ink colours which are not present in ink cartridges, not to
    mention the simple pleasure of manually drawing ink into a pen. An ink converter is not included standard with all fountain pens. The majority of fountain pens (with ink cartridges) can be transformed with the right ink converters. The fun part is…
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  • Steel vs Gold fountain pen nibs

    Is a gold nib absolutely necessary to have the best pen writing experience? There isn't a straight forward answer and there are a few important factors to consider. Before highlighting the differences between gold and steel nibs, it’s probably best
    to know the historical background of fountain pens. The fountain pen was an improvement on the dip pen in that it contained an ink inner reservoir, resultantly keeping ink off the hands and improving writing speed. Due to early ink having corrosive…
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