• Ideas for the Diary Nervous

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    Yet another January has drawn to a close and as always the tattered remains of many a New Years Resolution lays by the wayside. For those of you whom wanted to start a diary or journal, but struggled with the execution, the time, the challenge of
    being insightful (despite the fact the journal is only for you to read and re-read), worry not. We’ve come up with some sure fire ways to help you get stuck in and make journaling a habit that will last a lifetime. Choosing a format There’s a few…
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  • Journal v Diary

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    As the new year approaches many will be purchasing a new diary or journal for planning 2018. Both are great for being organised and keeping a log of what’s happened in your life, but journals and diaries work in very different ways. We’ve outlined
    the key features of each and how they can work, so you can decide which will be best for keeping you on track whatever your goals. JOURNALS A journal is essentially a notebook. It can have any paper type; plain, lined, dotted, squared, etc; and gives…
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  • Inside Our Secret Diaries

    Do you remember locking your bedroom door to write top secret thoughts in your diary? Does it make you cringe when you think of your angst ridden musings or detailed accounts of a latest crush? As we get older we tend to discard the diary as a tool
    to record our daily thoughts, but looking back on our entries (if we can bear to look at them) it can be extremely thought provoking, cathartic and entertaining. We asked a whole array of high profile bloggers and journalists from places like Vogue…
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