• Jazz Up Your Journal

    Summer is officially here and we’re thinking about our holidays and logging them for future reflection. A journal is the perfect way to keep track of everything you’ve done and keep it safe to remember forever. Whether you’re off somewhere hot, staying
    at home, or starting a journal for any other reason, you’ll want yours to really stand out. It’ll be easier to scan back through if you’ve made a feature of the pages and probably much more interesting too, but it can be hard to get those…
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  • Writer's Challenge: Combating the Cliche

    Whether it be in prose writing, film and TV or even casual daily conversation, clichés litter our cultural landscape like a tall pile of papers battling a strong gust of wind. Most clichés however, never set out to be such an irritation, innocently
    beginning life as smart remarks that later became victims of their own success. Here at Pen Heaven we wouldn’t be seen dead using a cliché… ahem.  Today we take a look at the origins of ten clichés, and invite some of the net’s best writing…
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