• Journal v Diary

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    As the new year approaches many will be purchasing a new diary or journal for planning 2018. Both are great for being organised and keeping a log of what’s happened in your life, but journals and diaries work in very different ways. We’ve outlined
    the key features of each and how they can work, so you can decide which will be best for keeping you on track whatever your goals. JOURNALS A journal is essentially a notebook. It can have any paper type; plain, lined, dotted, squared, etc; and gives…
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  • Fountain Pen Ink Colour Comparison

    When it comes to writing we can all be rather particular about the ink we use and the colour is a key part of this. Maybe you like a bright blue. Maybe you need black for work and it needs to be truly black, not some wishy washy grey. Fountain pen inks
    come in such a range of colours and the manufacturers generally name them all with non-descript titles that give no indication of what you’re really getting. We here at Pen Heaven decided enough was enough. So our ink colour comparison was born.…
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