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  • The History of Greetings Cards

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    Did you know that there’s such a thing as World Card Making Day?! It’s on October 7th and reminds us to remove ourselves from the commerciality of shop bought, mass produced cards. Whether it is to celebrate a birthday, Christmas or mark any other
    occasion of note, the best way to show you’re thinking of the recipient is to make your own card. In celebration of such a thoughtful event, we decided to delve a little deeper into how the humble greetings card became such a staple of our modern…
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  • Christmas Card Etiquette

    Christmas is all about tradition and what better way to articulate your well wishes to your nearest and dearest over the holiday season than with a classic handwritten card. Having been the art of expression and celebration since its first use back in
    1843, the humble card holds a lot more substance than its modern day electronic counterparts. A personally versed card shows gratitude and friendship, it tells someone you care and are thinking of them and it can be hung on the tree or given pride of…
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