Brighten your day with Coloured Fountain Pen Inks

There’s a norm when it comes to pen ink. The same drab and dreary blacks and blues day after day.

Every now and again at Pen Heaven we get bored of this and we think wouldn’t it be lovely if everyone would be a bit more adventurous, especially as there is such a range of beautifully coloured fountain pen inks available.

Not only do we strongly believe that the colour of ink you choose can affect the tone and meaning of your writing, but we also think the world could use a little more colour. So go on... brighten your day with coloured fountain pen inks.


Who doesn’t have memories of a school paper being returned graded in red? Marking missed punctuation, circling spelling errors and with little notes scribbled in the margins? Red is bright, vibrant and decisive. Red makes a statement, and so should the red ink you choose. Use your red ink for writing angry letters, marking papers, and for Valentines day (or just expressing your feelings to the one you love).

Swatches of red coloured fountain pen inks



  • Graf von Faber-Castell - Garnet Red
  • Lamy - Red
  • Platinum Mix Free - Flame Red
  • Sheaffer Skrip - Red

Sheaffer Skrip - Red
This deep red ink almost looks like you've been writing in blood. It's sure to make a statement.
£5.90 for 50ml



Orange and yellow are full of energy and creativity. The colours of tropical sunshine, beach holidays and reminiscent of summer fun, orange and yellow are great for writing letters to friends. Orange gives an air of confidence so will be perfect for your fitness journal, giving you a boost every time you make a note. Use these to attract attention in your notetaking and to help you think outside the box. Yellow is also strongly linked with intellect, so why not use it when studying?! Plus grab your favourite stub end fountain pen nib and you’ve got a perfect highlighter.

Swatches of yellow and orange coloured fountain pen inks



  • Monteverde - Orange (Available in Standard International Short cartridges only)
  • Platinum Mix Free - Sunny Yellow

Platinum Mix Free - Sunny Yellow
Bright and happy, this yellow ink is like being dazzled by a ray of sunshine. Perfect for both writing and highlighting.
£10.98 for 60ml



The colour of new life, nature and growth, Green is the perfect colour for daily diaries, enhancing the therapeutic effect of journal writing and allowing a feeling of healing. Use Green for your spring correspondence; be it wedding, birthday or party invitation to bring in the colours of the season.

Swatches of green coloured fountain pen inks



  • Graf von Faber-Castell - Moss Green
  • Platinum Mix Free - Leaf Green
  • Sheaffer Skrip - Green

Platinum Mix Free - Leaf Green
Vibrant and carefree, Platinum's Leaf Green reminds us of lazy spring days in the park and rolling meadows.
£10.98 for 60ml



The perfect mix of blue and green, bright vibrant turquoise combines the calming properties of blue, and the healing energy of green. Think sea and sky. Ideal for your holiday journal. Plus using turquoise for those day to day memos creates clarity, as this colour helps create an orderly, uncluttered mind.

Swatches of tuquoise coloured fountain pen inks



  • Platinum Mix Free - Aqua Blue
  • Sheaffer Skrip - Turquoise
  • Yard-o-Led - Turquoise

Sheaffer Skrip - Green
Okay, so we know this wasn't a contender but all the others were just light blue. Not exactly what Pen Heaven had in mind when it comes to turquoise. The Sheaffer Skrip Green was spot on though. So if you want a great turquoise.. forget the name and choose this one.
£5.90 for 50ml


Sheaffer Skrip - Green



Purple is strongly associated with thoughtfulness, dignity and compassion; exactly what is needed for those special sentiments written in thank you cards, sending condolences and get well soons. The majestic royal purple is also strongly linked with Christmas making this colour perfect to jazz up your cards.

Swatches of purple coloured fountain pen inks



  • Platinum Mix Free - Silky Purple
  • Sheaffer Skrip - Purple

Sheaffer Skrip - Purple
This sumptuous deep purple remins us of plush velvet and fits the bill for a royal, regal, debonair kind of colour.
£5.90 for 50ml



Linked closely with the earth and outdoors, brown is seen as stable and reliable. Use brown to be seen as approachable and genuine by others. This can be great for marketing and sales. Plus, brown writing on cream paper can be much easier on the eyes than black and white.

Swatches of brown coloured fountain pen inks



  • Graf von Faber-Castell - Hazelnut Brown
  • Platinum Mix Free - Earth Brown
  • Sheaffer Skrip - Brown
  • Yard-o-Led - Sepia

Graf von Faber-Castell - Hazelnut Brown
Named to perfection, the brown hues of this ink are nutty and reminiscent of woodland. The Graf von Faber-Castell ink has a unique depth of colour.
£23.12 for 75ml

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