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  • How Art Deco Influenced Cross Pens

    Shiny metallic surfaces, aerodynamic lines and geometric patterns are the hallmarks of Art Deco design, which can also be said about Cross Pens . In fact, An Art Deco pen was developed by Cross in 1938 (and went on sale in Bonhams recently for £1300
    - £1900). Replicas of these pens were issued in 1996 to celebrate Cross's 150th anniversary (see image below). By showing the similarities between archetypal 'Deco' design and perennial Cross pens, we get a good sense of the influence Art Deco…
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  • Lamy: A Pen is Born

    Lamy's headquarters in Heidelberg, Germany. Photo credit @ Wikipedia. German manufacturing is synonymous with reliability and exacting standards of quality control – and Lamy is no exception. Since founding in 1930, they’ve become one of the world’s
    leading pen brands. Customers value their pens for comfort, affordability and functionality, whilst awards organisations have handed down countless accolades for their bold, Bauhaus-inspired designs. We’ve compiled this article to show the…
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  • Success Story: The Lamy Safari Fountain Pen

    Here’s a little insider information for you: in the case of almost every pen range on sale at Pen Heaven, ballpoints outsell fountain pens by a ratio of around 2/1 - with one exception. Despite being a tad more expensive than the ballpoint and requiring
    a little more maintenance, the Lamy Safari fountain pen has managed to buck that trend. But just why has it been successful? We did a little digging and this is what we found… Back To School! A lot of schools insist on fountain pens because…
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  • The Complete History of the Parker Pen Company

    At Pen Heaven HQ, we've been busy beavering away on something a little bit special for you. We have a prepared an interactive timeline charting
    Parker Pen's humble beginnings to important milestones in its recent history. You'll also find an infographic version on our Pinterest page.…
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  • Graf von Faber-Castell Pens of the Year - Part 2 of 2

    Firstly, please excuse the long delay in publishing the final instalment of this feature – it’s been long overdue. In part 1, we looked at the Pens of the Year covering 2003-2007 – now we’ll be focussing on 2008 – 2012. What about Pen of the
    Year 2013? Graf von Faber-Castell had decided to limit the PotY story to 10 whilst they redevelop the entire concept. We’re reliably informed that there will be a Pen of the Year 2014. We’ll be sure to keep you posted, but in the meantime let’s…
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  • A History of Lamy

    // We recently compiled an interactive timeline of the history of the Lamy Pen Company, with details from its inception to present day. Browse through to learn how Dr Lamy launched the company
    and when iconic writing instruments such as the Lamy Safari and Lamy 2000 were launched. Click the markers to jump to significant milestones or scroll through at your own pace. Enjoy! …
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  • Graf von Faber-Castell Pens of the Year - Part 1 of 2

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    This week, we are looking at one of the most expensive collections of fountain pens in the world; Graf von Faber-Castell's Pen of the Year. These ultra limited edition writing instruments are all produced from some of the rarest materials found
    on earth and are akin to works of art rather than pens, owing to the sublime craftsmanship required to produce them. Before we take a look at the pens, a quick history lesson. [quote align="center" color="#999999"]These ultra limited edition writing…
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  • Lamy Safari 2012 Limited Edition Pens

    The Lamy Safari is perhaps one of the most popular fountain pens ever produced, owing to its affordability and being renowned for its ergonomic grip when one is writing for extended periods of time. Originally launched in 1980 after extensive research by the
    Mannheim Development Group with Wolfgang Fabian in charge of the design process, the choice of vibrant colours has particularly made it extremely popular pen with younger writers, with some of the previous limited edition colours fetching extortionate…
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