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Histories, backgrounds and interesting facts about brands big and small.
  • Around the World in 80 Pens (or close enough...)

    Ever wanted to know where your favourite pen brand hails from? Or wanted to know how they got started? We've devised this fun interactive map for you to try. With a marker showing the current HQ (or original location for global brands), you can zoom in
    and out, finding out more about where the brands we stock found their beginnings, how they came to be and see where all the pen and journal making powerhouses reside. The blue markers show journal and notebook brands while the red markers show pen…
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  • Handcrafted: Yard-O-Led

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    In our digital age, we strive for a simpler life. We yearn for the old ways and value the skills of previous generations and trained craftsman. We appreciate those who use their expertise to create. Through ‘handcrafted’, we aim to celebrate some of
    our smaller suppliers. Those who have been following time tested traditions and methods to create some of the individual and unique pieces we stock. In this series of blogs, we’ll focus on a brand per blog to highlight their manufacturing processes.…
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  • About Visconti - Pure Italian Style

    Although relatively new to the pen scene, Visconti have quickly built a reputation for creating beautiful and unique writing instruments. Their bold designs, superior craftsmanship and dedication to perfection, mean that Visconti is a status symbol for
    any pen aficionado. Visconti provides a range of premium pen products which sit closely with Graf von Faber-Castell in terms of price and their superior feel. Their HRH range (Stands for Her Royal Highness - their ultra luxury range which utilises…
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  • Inspired by the Rising Sun - The Platinum Kawaguchi

    What inspires the design of a new writing instrument? I suppose it’s true most pens are created to fulfil a function, but some are inspired by great works of art or perhaps an image of natural beauty. The story of how Japanese pen brand Platinum created
    their Kawaguchi pen caught our imagination, and we wanted to share it. The imperious Mt Fuji has been something of a muse to Platinum for a while, what with their 3776 being titled so because it is the height of the mountain in metres. Recently…
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  • We Visit our Italian Calligraphy Factory

    Image courtsey of of First impressions of our feather quill dip pens are “Ye Old-Wolde” traditional England (think Charles Dickens and William Shakespeare). It is therefore quite surprising to know it is all made in Trecate, a little
    village outside of Milan. During our recent visit, we discovered a small workshop where everything was finished by hand, and we wanted to share these pictures with you.  The factory was established about 60 years ago by Franca’s father (Franca…
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  • Play Our Pen Finder Game

    We have developed a short game for you to play, profiling your personality in 5 short questions, and then suggesting to you the pen brand we think is the best fit. Questions
    are simple multiple choice and are designed to get to the heart of your pen buying needs. Have a go and let us know which brand you are most likely to buy.…
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  • Which Pen Brand is For You?

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    What makes the brands different? Why choose Worther? What’s so great about Parker? Is Sheaffer better than Cross? You go to buy a pen and unless you’re a real stationary buff it can all get a bit confusing. You think to yourself: ‘What makes the
    brands different?’ Or ‘I really want a great mechanical pencil. Which brand does those?’ Or ‘There’s just too many choices!!’ Here at Pen Heaven we wanted to impart some wisdom and ease that pain. Take our quiz and find out which brand…
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  • Behind the Scenes at Parker

    Parker pens have established a leading reputation for top quality and design. From writing notes at school to taking exams at university, most of us have fond memories of our ‘trusty’ Parker. We take a visual look behind the scenes, at the incredible
    amount of detail that goes into making one of their pens. The Concept With any new pen, the first stage for Parker is the conceptual design; is it technically innovative? Does it aesthetically stand out? Does it respond to consumer demand? Technical…
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  • How Art Deco Influenced Cross Pens

    Shiny metallic surfaces, aerodynamic lines and geometric patterns are the hallmarks of Art Deco design, which can also be said about Cross Pens . In fact, An Art Deco pen was developed by Cross in 1938 (and went on sale in Bonhams recently for £1300
    - £1900). Replicas of these pens were issued in 1996 to celebrate Cross's 150th anniversary (see image below). By showing the similarities between archetypal 'Deco' design and perennial Cross pens, we get a good sense of the influence Art Deco…
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  • Lamy: A Pen is Born

    Lamy's headquarters in Heidelberg, Germany. Photo credit @ Wikipedia. German manufacturing is synonymous with reliability and exacting standards of quality control – and Lamy is no exception. Since founding in 1930, they’ve become one of the world’s
    leading pen brands. Customers value their pens for comfort, affordability and functionality, whilst awards organisations have handed down countless accolades for their bold, Bauhaus-inspired designs. We’ve compiled this article to show the…
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