BOO-tiful Halloween Stationery

BOO-tiful Halloween Stationery

BOO-tiful Halloween Stationery

The nights are getting darker, the days are feeling chilly, and ghosts and ghouls are stirring. They’re getting ready to celebrate the spookiest time of the year, and so are we.

If you’re after a stylish new spellbook, or seeking a magic wand (we tend to call them ‘pens’, but their powers are undeniable), we’ve travelled near and far to source everything you need to add a terrifying twist to your stationery collection.

Choose your poison, but beware…

Darkest Night

Night Sky with Stars
  1. Classic Matt Black Fisher Space Bullet Pen

The revolutionary Fisher Space Bullet Pen in Classic Matt Black will take you to the moon and back...literally. It writes underwater and in a vacuum, meaning it’s perfect for trolls and aliens alike.

Stylish enough to grace any desk in an abandoned manor house, the Lamy Scala Fountain Pen in Blue Black is a new classic that will last a lifetime (or two).

You don’t need to be an astrologer to invest in the new Special Edition Parker Rollerball in Midnight Astral , but don’t be surprised if you start feeling a special connection to the constellations.

Witches Lair

A witches lair

It’s one thing to be a witch in the kitchen, but if you’re also a witch in the boardroom, this shiny Laban Maya 925 Fountain Pen in Sterling Silver & Black will add a gothic twist to any meeting.

A classic look to last the centuries, this Pewter Feather Quill and Ink Set comes with your own tiny owl familiar. Spooks big and small will love to receive this gorgeous box.

  1. Laban Skeleton Gun Metal Fountain Pen

Need to know what’s happening under the surface? The Laban Skeleton Gun Metal Fountain Pen is for you. The geometric frame calls to mind a spider’s web.

Pumpkin Patch

Spooky pumpkin patch
  1. Ravello Small Recycled Leather Journal

The Ravello Small Recycled Leather Journal in Orange is the perfect size to take on a winter trip to warmer climes, or to use as a cheeky on-the-go notebook for jotting down curses.

If bonfires are more your vibe, the Conklin Duragraph Fountain Pen in Amber will call to mind licking flames and crackling wood, as you plot the demise of your enemies.

A simple classic with a pumpkin spice twist, the Parker Jotter Ballpoint Pen in Chelsea Orange will take you from class to coven in an instant.