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  • Love your Workstation?

    How do you arrange your workspace? Do you work best in your very own blend of organised chaos, or are you a bit of a neat freak (a la Monica from Friends)? We asked eight bloggers to take a photograph of their own workstation, in our ‘Where do you Blog
    from’ competition. Whilst most agreed on the absolute essentials, a cup of coffee and notebook, the rest was up for grabs. Winner: Satchels and Pearls  We are delighted to announce Michelle at Satchels & Pearls as our deserved winner. We…
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  • Writing to Combat Anxiety

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    Anxiety can develop out of many smaller concerns until they have a cumulative affect and become a long-lasting problem. The weight of this problem can seem insurmountable and hinder your ability to recover, but writing can be an effective way of organising
    your thoughts and disrupting patterns of negative thinking. There are many ways you can do this, one of the most common being to keep a journal. Simply setting aside a few minutes a day to collect yourself and note your progress can help fight…
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  • My Workstation Photo Competition

    Calling all bloggers, does your workstation offer you a sanctuary for your creative outlet? Whether you work in an uber-minimalist modern environment or a cosy nook with creature comforts galore, we’d love for you to send us a photo. In the lead up
    to National Stationary Week (27 April – 3 May) we are hosting a photo competition to find the best blogger's workstation. Show us which gadgets and tools help keep you organised and creative, and how you customise your work environment to suit your…
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  • How to Write a Diary

    Keeping a diary or journal is an ancient tradition dating back to 10th century Japan, and has been common practice for many acclaimed creative individuals. Oscar Wilde, the 19th century playwright and novelist, once said: “I never travel without
    my diary. One should always have something sensational to read on the train”. It seems Wilde was wise, as there is increasing evidence suggesting that keeping a diary has a positive impact on your well-being. From reflecting on emotions to kicking…
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  • Writer's Challenge: Combating the Cliche

    Whether it be in prose writing, film and TV or even casual daily conversation, clichés litter our cultural landscape like a tall pile of papers battling a strong gust of wind. Most clichés however, never set out to be such an irritation, innocently
    beginning life as smart remarks that later became victims of their own success. Here at Pen Heaven we wouldn’t be seen dead using a cliché… ahem.  Today we take a look at the origins of ten clichés, and invite some of the net’s best writing…
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  • War Poetry: Pen Heaven Visits the Imperial War Museum

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    Graves, Sassoon, and Rosenberg: three men who helped shape the way we view the First World War today. Their work has come into renewed focus this November, as a flurry of activity takes place to mark the World War I centenary. One such event is the
    publication by the Imperial War Museum of a new anthology of war poetry, Poems from the Front, compiled in light of the wealth of poets’ drafts and manuscripts in the museum’s archives. This got Pen Heaven thinking: what secrets can these drafts…
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  • Illustration: An Interview with Catherine Rayner

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    Here at Pen Heaven, we're fascinated by the relationship between images and words - so who  better for us to speak to than Catherine Rayner. She's a successful children's author and illustrator, and her lively, emotive images of animals are shown
    in galleries all over the world.  We spoke to her to find out more about her techniques, her inspiration and her career. How did you first get into illustration? I’ve been illustrating since the age of four, apparently! I grew up in a house full…
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  • Self Publishing: An Interview with Gillian Rogerson

    Gillian Rogerson is a children’s author from Leeds. Having found inspiration from reading to her children she decided to pursue her passion for writing with the hope of getting published. To date, she has had 6 picture books published as well as many
    e-books. She also writes adult fiction under the name Gillian Larkin allowing her to look at more complex issues. The first in what will become a regular feature on the Pen Heaven blog, we spoke to Gillian to find out a little bit more about her work…
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  • Making it as an author

    They say that everyone has a book in them. From those building entirely new worlds of myth and legend to the writer of a humble children’s book. From kids fresh out of school to those in their eighties. Authors come from all walks of life and, more importantly,
    all have the same aim in mind. To take that grand idea in their head and express it by putting pen to paper (so to speak). The rise of e-books and self-publishing, through the likes of Amazon and the recently available Nook Press, provides…
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  • Getting down to writing

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    “You sit...and you work, and that’s all there is to it.” That is the secret of writing according to prolific American fiction writer Harlan Ellison. To many people, the writer is a figure shrouded in intrigue, their processes mysterious.
    Ellison however, casts aside these pretences and boils down the success of a writer to one simple concept: hard work. There are countless accounts from some of the greatest writers who attempt to explain how their masterpieces are produced.…
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