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  • Best Pens for Exams

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    You’ve been revising for weeks and exam day has finally arrived. It would be such a tragedy if at the final hurdle you’re bothered by writers cramp, a scratchy/blotchy pen or everyone’s worse nightmare…..a leak of ink all over your paper!!!! We
    decided it was time for Pen Heaven to do their bit and recommend the best writing instruments for the job. Top tips for choosing an exam pen Make sure your pen meets the following criteria: Comfortable (for long periods of insane scribbling) Reliable…
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  • Engrave Me: A Guide to Engraving Etiquette

    At Pen Heaven we specialise in engraving personalised messages onto pens. Around 60% off all pens we sell are engraved and on a daily basis we get enquiries asking what to engrave or how certain messages should be written. What can Pen Heaven engrave? "If
    you can type it into our engraving box, then we can engrave it!" If you can type it into our engraving box, then we can engrave it! It really is as simple as that. There is one small proviso though… it must be accepted and show in the basket…
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  • Raiders of the Lost Refill

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    Here at Pen Heaven we handle questions on a daily basis regarding 'missing' refills and fitting the initial refill. It's something that a lot of people struggle with. So whether you're returning to pens after a long break, have chosen something different
    or you've just got a little stuck; you're not alone. We've created this step by step guide to some of the most common problems our customers experience; finding and fitting your refill and some things to look for if its just not working... I can't…
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  • Which Handbag Shall I Wear with My Pen?

    Whilst most ladies will decide which handbag to wear with their outfit, being pen addicts we like the idea of choosing a handbag to match the pen. So we have decided to put together some stylish combinations. "Having things written is good for putting
    things/ideas into perspective. Keeping a pen and notebook in your handbag is always a good idea. The attention to little details always count and the unique idea of matching your pen and notebook to your favourite handbag definitely gives a few extra…
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  • Brighten your day with Coloured Fountain Pen Inks

    There’s a norm when it comes to pen ink. The same drab and dreary blacks and blues day after day. Every now and again at Pen Heaven we get bored of this and we think wouldn’t it be lovely if everyone would be a bit more adventurous, especially as
    there is such a range of beautifully coloured fountain pen inks available. Not only do we strongly believe that the colour of ink you choose can affect the tone and meaning of your writing, but we also think the world could use a little more colour.…
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  • Lead Sizes for Mechanical Pencils

    Since their beginnings in the early 19th century, the mechanical pencil (sometimes called a propelling pencil) has come a long way. With advancements in technology allowing for stronger, more robust ‘leads’ and continual improvements to the internal
    gripping mechanism, mechanical pencils have become the handy go to for all occasions; enabling both technical precision, and artistic flair. Mechanical pencils have diversified over the years to hold a range of different lead sizes. The lead size…
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  • Fountain Pen Ink Colour Comparison

    When it comes to writing we can all be rather particular about the ink we use and the colour is a key part of this. Maybe you like a bright blue. Maybe you need black for work and it needs to be truly black, not some wishy washy grey. Fountain pen inks
    come in such a range of colours and the manufacturers generally name them all with non-descript titles that give no indication of what you’re really getting. We here at Pen Heaven decided enough was enough. So our ink colour comparison was born.…
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  • The Pen as Status Symbol?

    Does your pen reflect your status in life, the way your clothes or car might?’ Very often it’s the details that send the most powerful signals, and your pen is a great opportunity to show your colleagues just how serious you take your work. It shows
    you pay attention to the finer details. At Pen Heaven we don’t like to admit it, but most people do overlook having a nice pen, and so producing a stylish writing instrument can turn heads. Everybody from James Bond to Gordon Gekko carried a stylish…
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  • Refill Guide

    Choosing the correct refill for your pen is important, but sometimes it hard to know which is right. Some brands have specific sizes and profiles to fit their pens, some take standard sizes, some brands even do refills designed for other brands. Pen
    Heaven have come up with this easy to use refill guide to help you navigate your way through the many options available. Generally if you want a refill for your pen look for a branded refill that matches your pen and type. If you can't find a branded…
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  • The Write Stuff for Left Handers

    Smudging, scratchy letters and covered up writing are some of the problems we hear from left handers about their handwriting. Whilst many lefties have developed techniques to alleviate these issues, it can often cause writing strain. Since about 11% of
    the UK population are left handers, we felt it was time to offer some tips and advice.  Essentially there are two solutions; adopting the correct writing position and choosing the correct pen. Adopt a Good Writing Position As a lefty, you push rather…
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