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  • Sustainable Stationery: Going Plastic Free

    How to ditch disposables to save the world Saying no to plastic carrier bags and water bottles might be an adjustment, but if you’re like most people, you’re probably happily making steps to make your lifestyle more sustainable where you can. However,
    there might be one small but significant part of your sustainability journey that you haven’t considered...your stationery. The Bic Crystal - probably the most famous plastic pen in the world - was invented in 1950. Since then, they’ve reportedly…
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  • Backpackers Best

    If you love to travel, you’ll know how important it is to document your memories for posterity. From writing postcards home to tell loved ones about what you’ve seen, to jotting in a gorgeous travel journal you’ll treasure forever, the right stationery
    can be one of the best souvenirs you’ll buy...before you’ve even left! We already shared a few of our favourite luxury travel essentials, but being on a budget is no reason to miss out. Whether you’re waving your teenager off to a hostel,…
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