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  • Lost & Found – A Cross TrackR Story

    Forever misplacing your pen? Or what about your phone? Having recently released a range of trackable writing instruments, Cross have sought to address this common ailment of the modern world. The products, manufactured in conjunction with TrackR technologies,
    contain a tracking device enabling what is lost to be found. It works via a smartphone app, which when downloaded uses location data and Bluetooth to connect to your writing instrument; logging its movements or signalling the pen to make a…
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  • What's in a font?

    Have you ever wondered what your choice of font says about your personality? Much like handwriting, good typography can really make or break a message, with ones preference reflecting not only their personality, but also their attitude and even job type. Vital
    for giving off the right impression, whether you wish to project a business persona on your CV, or sharp and sophisticated appearance on an invitation, it’s important to ensure your chosen font emulates the essence of what you want to say. With…
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  • Back to Black

    Amidst the furore of seasonal brights, Pen Heaven present their jet black writing essentials to inject some dark and mysterious charm into your daily life. Classic and versatile, black exudes sophistication and complements any look. A staple colour for all seasons,
    and a must-have for pen addicts and stationery aficionados, the midnight shade most definitely should not be limited to your ink! Available in a selection of finishes from matt to metal, read on for our pick of magical noir pen necessities… Parker…
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