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  • Stay Motivated with the Help of Pen & Paper

    As January comes to an end, how many of those resolutions have already been dropped and/ or broken? With the excitement of the new year dwindling as normal practice resumes, Pen Heaven have put their finest nib to paper to offer some failsafe ways to
    stay motivated and on-track throughout the coming months.  Organise your time efficiently with a diary Grab a day-to-page diary and manage those busy days by breaking your time down into 1 hour segments. Ensure pressing tasks and emails are sent…
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  • Pen Behaviour; Chewer, Clicker, Twiddler...?

    Many say you can tell a lot about a person by the pen they carry, but did you know the way we use a pen can reveal subtle clues about our personality? fingers curled under the pen The hands are often accredited for holding the most information about
    our lives, so it comes as no surprise that our writing techniques and pen habits can provide insight into our psyche. Ahead of National Handwriting Day (23rd January), Pen Heaven have researched and observed our pen behaviour, revealing what it means…
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