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  • Engrave Me: A Guide to Engraving Etiquette

    At Pen Heaven we specialise in engraving personalised messages onto pens. Around 60% off all pens we sell are engraved and on a daily basis we get enquiries asking what to engrave or how certain messages should be written. What can Pen Heaven engrave? "If
    you can type it into our engraving box, then we can engrave it!" If you can type it into our engraving box, then we can engrave it! It really is as simple as that. There is one small proviso though… it must be accepted and show in the basket…
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  • I Love Stationery Because…

    To celebrate National Stationery Week starting 25th April, we are on a nationwide hunt to find Britain's biggest stationery obsessive. With comedian Sarah Millican and author Jill Mansell confessing to their love of stationery, and Peter Jones carrying
    his trusty Yard O Led Viceroy wherever he goes, it appears many of us Brits share this common admiration, with hardcore fans flocking to National Stationery Week in their droves every year. The Competition If you think you’re love for stationery…
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  • Raiders of the Lost Refill

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    Here at Pen Heaven we handle questions on a daily basis regarding 'missing' refills and fitting the initial refill. It's something that a lot of people struggle with. So whether you're returning to pens after a long break, have chosen something different
    or you've just got a little stuck; you're not alone. We've created this step by step guide to some of the most common problems our customers experience; finding and fitting your refill and some things to look for if its just not working... I can't…
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